Membership Update – July 2021

Summer has finally arrived, and we can begin to enjoy those outdoor activities that we have missed so much, one of which is boule. Many of our clubs are endeavouring to host open competitions. I encourage as many members to support these competitions as they help to provide valuable funds to their existence.

As you know, as of Saturday 17th July, Wales moved from Level 1 to Level 0 for organised outdoor activities; this move has resulted in a change in the clubs’ requirements.

The principle change is regarding social distancing, which is no longer a separate law enforcing the 2m gap between individuals. However, social distancing is still essential and must be included in each clubs risk assessment, which by statute every club organising outdoor activities for their members should have.

Every day we see that the infection levels are increasing. However, we are encouraging clubs and members to play; we all have to be sensible to ensure that we can play in the knowledge that all precautions are being taken. To help, the Executive is currently reviewing our current guidance notes to Clubs and Players, and these will be updated to the website soon.

Towards the end of 2020, the world governing body for our sport (FIPJP) amended the rules; some keener members have read them and endeavoured to show off their newfound knowledge to everyone they play. So, to enable you to check that they are correct, we have produced an A5 booklet to be issued to each member. These will be sent to your club for distribution to you.

We are not expecting you to read them immediately and become experts, but if you are unsure of a rule, you can have a look yourself without the fuss of tracking down a copy. Some of the rules may not apply if you play ‘local’ rules set by your club, no problem, as long as you enjoy the sport.

Finally, due to the cancellation of the major European Championships because of the continued concerns from Covid-19, we have a surplus of 2021 pins. Therefore, the Executive have decided to give all our members a 2021 pin to go with the 2020 pin you all received last year.

Tony Smith