President – Update

Members will, I hope, be pleased to know that a revised set of Entry Rules for WPA Competitions is about to be published. It has taken time because of the changes to the qualification process which required a complete review of all the relevant rules.

The new version also tries to take into account feedback from players, and has been expanded to provide additional detail and information, and some guidance notes, which we hope will be helpful to players taking part, especially in the various qualifying competitions, and for those who go on to represent Wales.

In my last message I wrote that the WPA was intending to link entry to the Home Nations and Inter Regional qualifying events, but I am pleased to advise that, following further consideration of the Members’ views, the decision has been made not to link it for this season.

So Members can enter teams on the basis that they wish to qualify for one, or other, or both events, but they do not have to enter both. The WPA of course would be delighted if every team could enter and try to qualify for both events.

The additional information also contains some news about bursaries for players representing Wales.

The Executive Committee is also working on ways to give some financial support to the development of clubs and club facilities to encourage clubs to grow and expand their facilities. We intend to publish a note on this in due course, but in essence we would like to link funding from the WPA with a Club’s own efforts to raise funds, and in particular by accessing funds currently available through local government supported bodies. More information will be available from Tony Smith, the Treasurer.