EPA’s Inter Regional Championships 2016

I am pleased to confirm that the WPA is keenly anticipating the receipt next week of a formal invitation to send a squad of 8 teams to compete in this year’s Championships.

The EPA has been working extremely hard to find ways to increase the number of pistes, as the EPA regions have increased in number, and so the requirement for playing areas at Hayling Island has increased. It has proved to be quite task. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the invitation to the WPA to take part in the Challenge Cup as well. But it does mean that we can send more 4 player teams than we have been able to do in the past..

This news that the EPA has overcome these difficulties – though no doubt there are other challenges they have to deal with,  is very welcome in Wales, and I am sure equally welcome in England.

I have thanked Martin Eggleton, President of the EPA, on behalf of the WPA and all our Members for all his and his team’s efforts to try to ensure that the great tradition of the annual Welsh invasion of Hayling Island continues!

Now all we need is for our teams to have a good Qualifier – so make sure you enter asap!

Dan Murphy