Ordinary General Meeting – Agenda

An Ordinary General Meeting will be held on Thursday 1 September 2016, at Cardiff Yacht Club, commencing 7:30pm. 

The Agenda for the meeting is:-

1:         Apologies
2:         Minutes of previous meeting
3:         Matters arising: 

(a) CEP Congress 2016. CEP Proposals.
(b) Inter-Regional 2016.
(c) Executive Committee Vacancy.
(d) Publication of updated Constitution.
(e) Website – Meeting Minutes.
(f) Presentation.
(g) Prizes at WPA events.
(h) Playing Calendar: Celtic Challenge 2017. Qualifier.

  4:         Officers reports

4.1       President
4.2       Director of Development
4.3       Secretary – to be given by another officer.
4.5       Treasurer
4.6       Director of Public Relations.

5.     Any Other Business: (No vote taken)

Items received:
A. Elliott: League queries.
Items may be raised at the meeting.

Dan Murphy
President, WPA.