President’s Cup – 12 March 2017

As previously announced the WPA President’s Cup will take place at Monkstone PC on 12 March 2017. Registration will be 9:00am for a 9:30am start.

The format will be pools in the morning followed by pools or knockout in the afternoon depending on the final number of entries.

The following team have been registered to date:

Club Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
Wheatsheaf/Unaffiliated Griffithstown Gladiators Hugh Morris Matthew Morrris Lianne Jones
Unaffiliated Valley Men Jeremy Clare Len Field Kevin Edwards
Unaffiliated/MonkstonePC TNT Terry Thompson-Dewey Tina Oliver Lynda Hodges
Monkstone PC Minotaurs Bernard Adshead Vickie Adshead Ian Baildon-Smith
Monkstone PC Monkstone Mindbenders Roger Griffin Mike Jones 3. Peter Kensett             4. John Maroney
Monkstone PC Monkstone Samba Judith Smith Gill Clark Roger Green
Monkstone PC Monkstone Muskauders Tony Smith Phil Roberts Carol Maroney
Wheatsheaf PC/Penarth PC  F.R.K  Gemma Foster  Jean-Yves Robic  A.N. Other
 Monkstone PC Monkstone Monkeys   John Barnes  Keith Nott  Andy Temple