Extra-Ordinary Meeting of the WPA.

28 October 2017

Inviting all WPA Affiliated Clubs and Members to attend

This will be held at
Wenvoe Village Hall, 5 Station Road, Wenvoe. CF5 6AG

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Commencing at 7:30 p.m.

To. All Members.

In a letter dated 15 September 2017 signed by nine WPA-affiliated Clubs and received by the Executive Committee (EC) on 21 September 2017, the Clubs requested the WPA to convene an EGM in accordance with the WPA Constitution Part 1 Paragraph 8.

In the requisition for the EGM the Clubs stated that they considered the EC to no longer be effective under the terms of the WPA constitution; that with the resignation of the National Treasurer the EC was failing to comply with clause 11.4.1. of the constitution in that it was unable to access its own funds or fulfill its financial obligations; that the Clubs had lost confidence in the EC and the remaining two members stand down; that an EGM be called urgently to allow for the election of a new EC and that in the absence of a fully functioning EC the WPA Arbitrators be called upon to organize the EGM and manage the affairs of the WPA until the new EC is in place.

After some communication and discussion had taken place the National President then decided to go public with a statement on the WPA web site, dated 3 October 2017, which asserted that the requisition for an EGM was unconstitutional and that the only way forward was to call an AGM. Part of his argument was that the requisition did not include a specific resolution, which is not required by the constitution, and that it would require several EGM’s to resolve the issues, which is not the case as these issues can be dealt with sequentially at one EGM. It should be noted that an AGM would only elect officers to vacant positions and the existing members of the EC would not have to stand down.

On 11 October 2017 the Director of Public Relations posted a response on the WPA web site clearly stating that the National President was acting unilaterally and not on behalf of the EC. He states that the National President has acted unilaterally on a number of occasions; does not act impartially; has contravened Data Protection legislation; treated the requisition for an EGM with contempt and uses convoluted and calculated legal language to put across his version of events or his interpretation of how WPA business should be approached. The Director of Public Relations holds a contrary view to the National President and sees an EGM, rather than an AGM, as the way forward.

In a letter dated 16 October 2017 to the National President the Clubs rejected his unilateral decision to refuse to convene an EGM as requested, as well as his assertion that the request is unconstitutional and the reasons he had given for this decision.

In addition, the Clubs rejected his assertion that calling an AGM would result in less dissent, argument and frustration and that it is likely to be less divisive than holding an EGM. These are going to happen whatever type of meeting is held in an attempt to rebuild the WPA.

The National President was reminded that in the WPA Constitution, Part Two – Rules, Section 4.3, he had 36 days from receipt of the requisition letter to convene the EGM as requested. The effective date by which this should happen is 27 October 2017.

In the absence of a National Secretary, the National President, on behalf of the Executive Committee, has failed to convene an EGM within 36 days of receiving a duly signed requisition.

4.3. Failure To Convene: Should the National Secretary not convene an EGM within 36 days of receiving a duly signed requisition, the requisitioners may convene the EGM.

Therefore, in accordance with the constitution we, the registered clubs signatory to the requisition for an EGM, have called an Extra-Ordinary General meeting under part 2, clause 4.3 of the WPA constitution, for the purpose of dealing with the issues raised in the requisition for an EGM and the election of a new Executive Committee to the WPA, comprising the positions of National President, National Secretary, National Treasurer and Director of Development, there will be no other business. Enclosed with this covering letter is documentation to circulate to the WPA members in your club.

This information can also be found in this EGM Pack.

  • Notice of EGM and Agenda.
  • Nomination Forms for the positions of National President, National Secretary, National Treasurer and Director of Development.

All nominations forms need to be returned to the address/email given below by Tuesday 7 November 2017. No nominations forms will be accepted after this date.

Please note only fully paid-up Individual Members may cast a vote.

It is important that this letter, notice and agenda be distributed to ALL members as a matter of urgency, the future of the WPA is in your and their hands.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address/email below.

Yours sincerely,

Representatives of the WPA Affiliated Clubs signatory to the requisition for an EGM

AGM_Nomination_Form_17 National Secretary

AGM_Nomination_Form_17 National Treasurer

AGM_Nomination_Form_17 National President

AGM_Nomination_Form_17 Director of Development