Official Notice of WPA EGM – 27th November 2017

Many members will be aware that on 28 October 2017 a message appeared on the WPA website purporting to call an unauthorised EGM of the WPA, ahead of the WPA’s AGM.

The notice is unauthorised and invalid for several reasons. One reason is that its first motion is to remove the sitting President. It is described as a motion of no confidence. Our constitution does not permit removal of officers in that way.

If passed it would be invalid as unconstitutional, and the proposal to then elect another person as president would also be illegal.

This action by the group behaving in this way is bringing the WPA into disrepute by making a mockery of our constitution and of the WPA and its members.

It also has the potential to result in two Executive Committees, a validly elected one, and an illegally created one, which would cause chaos and could well result in legal action being taken at great cost to the WPA.

I have therefore decided that to bring this damaging situation to an end not to wait for the AGM but to call an EGM, but one which would deal solely with the lawful business of electing members to fill the vacant positions on the Executive.

Other business which would have been dealt with at the AGM will have to wait, as the priority is to stop the harm being done to the WPA by this group.

If their purpose really is just to fill the vacant posts, and this will achieve that, but in a lawful way, I trust they will support it.

The WPA’s EGM will be held on 27 November 2017 commencing at 7.30 pm at Cardiff Yacht Club.

Full details are included within the pack HERE:

Nominations must be submitted to the President no later than the 6th November 2017 using the Nomination Form included within the pack.


Dan Murphy

President WPA