Results of the EGM

An EGM of the WPA was held in accordance with the WPA Constitution on Monday 27th November 2017 at Cardiff Yacht Club.

An excellent turnout of 118 WPA members braved the cold weather to attend and cast their votes.

Matthew Franks and Linda Hutchinson were appointed as Tellers by the President Dan Murphy.

Following a secret ballot, the votes were duly counted and then verified by the Tellers. The Votes were confirmed to the Membership as follows;

Position Nominee Votes
National Secretary Rose Fiera 42
National Secretary Derek Jones 76
Derek Jones duly elected
National Treasurer Jim Harrison 35
National Treasurer Ian Bailey 83
Ian Bailey duly elected
Director of Development Phil Bradshaw 35
Director of Development Kon Tomczyk 83
Kon Tomczyk duly elected

The President thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting.

Please be advised that there are no further EGM’s or AGM’s currently scheduled in the WPA calendar and that the new Executive Committee will meet as soon as possible to continue its business on behalf of the Membership.