Details of the WPA Presentation Night

The WPA Executive is pleased to confirm the following details for the WPA Presentation Night.

Venue: Caerleon RFC

Date: Friday 12th January 2018.

Time: 19:30

 2017 Trophy Award’s
Presidents Cup Runners Up L FIELD – J CLARE – K EDWARDS
Presidents Cup Winners G FOSTER – K TOMCZYK – J Y ROBIC
Stuart Clarke Cup Runners Up L FIELD – J CLARE – K EDWARDS
Stuart Clarke Cup Winners J BAILEY – I BAILEY – J Y ROBIC
National Veteran’s  Runner Up G EVANS –  D MURPHY –  L FIELD
National Veteran’s Winners P BERESFORD, R HAYES, B PUGH, P WESTALL
National Shooting Ladies Runner Up J BRACE
National Shooting Ladies Winner G FOSTER
National Shooting Men’s Runner Up I BAILEY
National Shooting Men’s Winner P WESTALL
National Ladies Triples Runners Up G EVANS – J DUNN – B KENSETT
National Ladies Triples Winner G FOSTER – T MAYFIELD – B VAUGHAN
National Men’s Triples Runner Up P KENSETT – M WIGG – K NOTT
National Men’s Triples Winner P BRADSHAW – N KONGCHUNG – S BRACE – D MURPHY
National Mixed Doubles Runner Up C McCADDON – H MORRIS
National Mixed Doubles Winners G FOSTER – P WESTALL
National Doubles Ladies Runner Up G EVANS  J DUNN
National Doubles Ladies Winners T MAYFIELD – G FOSTER
National Doubles Men’s Runner Up P BRADSHAW – N KONGCUNG
National Doubles Men’s Winners I BAILEY – J Y ROBIC
National Singles Ladies Runner Up G EVANS
National Singles Ladies Winner G FOSTER
National Singles Men’s Runner Up R HARRIS
National Singles Men’s Winner P WESTALL
WPA 3rd Division Runner Up CAERLEON CELTS
WPA 3rd Division Winner MAESTEG
WPA 2nd Division Winner WENVOE RAIDERS
WPA 1st Division Runner Up ISCA ROMANS
National League Plate  Runners Up MAESTEG
National League Plate Winners ISCA ROMANS
National League Cup Runners Up WHEATSHEAF A
National  League Cup Winners PENARTH PENDRAGONS
National Welsh Club Cup WENVOE
Most Improved Player Of The Year TBC
Player Of The Year TBC

It would be great to see all Winners attend on the evening and all members are most welcome. Even if you won’t be presented on the night, why not attend for a social event? So, please add this event to your sparkly new 2018 calendars and spread the word.