Cup for Clubs

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Welsh Cup For Clubs 2018 ( After 2 Rounds )

Match Played Match Wins Match Loss Games Played Games Won Games Lost Pts               For Pts                                    Against Pts                 Diff Match Pts                   Overall
Wenvoe PC 2 2 0 22 17 5 260 167 93 6
Caerleon PC 2 2 0 22 14 8 239 187 52 6
Monkstone PC 2 0 2 22 7 15 186 246 -60 0
Wheatsheaf PC 2 0 2 22 6 16 168 253 -85 0

Welsh Cup for Clubs 2018

Sunday saw the start of Welsh Cup for Clubs Championships at Abergavenny Petanque Club

Let me start by thanking Mr Clive Howells (President), Mr David Bloor (Secretary) and the members of Abergavenny Petanque Club who had agreed to host the event, we arrived to find the piste in pristine condition raked and the scoreboards set out not only that but also a hot cup of tea or coffee ready and waiting for the players as they arrived again many thanks for your efforts and hard work.

This event normally would have taken place in October but due to unforeseen circumstances has had to be held in the cold January weather and although only 4 clubs had entered I have to thank all the players for their participation in this event in such inclement weather hopefully we will return to the September / October dates in the future

The draw was completed and the games got under way

Caerleon v Wheatsheaf

Wenvoe v Monkstone

The format to this event is 6 singles 2 triples and 3 doubles with at least one women playing in each category

Caerleon and the Wheatsheaf started off by drawing the singles 3 wins each the triples also produced 1 win to each club with only the 3 doubles to come it was still everything to play for however Caerleon forged a head and took the last 3 remaining games winning overall 7 – 4 and claiming 3 points for their match win

The other 1st round match saw Monkstone take on Wenvoe and although there were some tight games Wenvoe convincingly came out the winners with a 8 – 3 win claiming their match 3 points

The afternoon saw the start of round 2 Caerleon v Monkstone and Wenvoe v Wheatsheaf

Caerleon took the singles round 4 – 2 but drew the Triples, at 5 – 3 and with 3 doubles to play Monkstone were still in with a chance but unfortunately only won 1 of the doubles leading to Caerleon gaining their second match win with the same score line as their first game 7- 4

The other match of the day saw Wenvoe continue to dominate the match and although Wheatsheaf fought hard they could not stop Wenvoe taking 9 games out of the 11 on offer and claiming their second match win of the day

February 4th will see the final matches being played at Abergavenny with Caerleon and Wenvoe vying to take the 2018 Welsh Cup for Clubs Title