Cup For Clubs result

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After the cold of two weeks ago the sun came out for the final weekend of the cup for clubs. A big thank you to Abergavenny PC for hosting the event.

Wenvoe and Caerleon battling for 1st place.

After the singles matches Caerleon and Wenvoe couldn’t be split with 3 games each. After the triples it was still equal now with 4 games each, so it came down to the doubles matches. Caerleon won the 1st doubles. but with Wenvoe winning the second it was game on. Who would blink 1st? In the final match Caerleon had a narrow 9-8 lead over Wenvoe until some solid pointing from Tansy Mayfield and some great shooting from John Price saw them extend their lead to 12-8. When Tansy then pointed her 1st boule 8 inches in front of the jack it was going to be hard for Mike Jacques and Ken Aston to come back. After pointing and shooting Mike took the point with his last boule only to see John shoot it out. This gave Caerleon victory 6 games to 5.

Congratulations to Caerleon on Winning the Cup for Clubs.