New Welsh Team shirts

After much deliberation over designs and colours we have now placed the order for the new Welsh Team shirts and the good news is, they should be here in time for the World Championships and the Celtic Challenge.

The new shirts are sublimated technical shirts which will be more comfortable to wear especially in hot weather.  It was thought that as there are so many countries playing in red it would be a good idea to go away from the red and black shirts we have been wearing and go for something more distinctive.

As you can see from the bottom picture the design is very distinctive and the sharper eyed amongst you will no doubt have spotted it is based on the Welsh flag with the dragon holding a boule.  The dragon theme has been carried over to back and integrated into Cymru by adding the point of the dragons tail to the ‘Y’

We have also secured telent as a sponsor this year and their logo can be seen on the left sleeve.

The new shirts will certainly attract attention, lets hope they attract the trophies too.

Who are telent? you are all asking – so below I’ve added a YouTube link that will explain some of what they do.