Celtic Challenge 2020 Qualifier – Report


The 2020 Celtic Challenge is being held at Glasgow Petanque Club on 9/10 May 2020.

The Welsh qualifier was held in glorious sunshine at the Monkstone Petanque Club on Sunday 8th September, with 11 teams competing for the 4 available places.

11 Teams ready to compete for the honours

This was a chance for players to claim a position in the Welsh Squad for this much revered and enjoyable annual event which started back in 1989 when Wales invited Scotland to play in Cardiff the following year Ireland joined the event and the rest, as they say, is history. The event is rotated yearly between the 3 nations and is always heavily contested by each country to gain a place in their national squad this year was no exception in Wales.

All the games were highly competitive and went to the last game result where several teams still had a chance with a last win to ensure a place in the national squad.

Thank you to all the teams that took part and congratulations to the successful teams who will represent Wales next year (Lets bring back the trophy to Wales).

Celtic Challenge 202 Qualifier:
Final Standings


Wales 1 (L to R):
Ian Bailey, Jean-Yves Robic, Julie Bailey, Sean Smith


Wales 2 (L to R):
Bob Pugh, Tansy Mayfield, Barbara Vaughan, Kon Tomczyk


Wales 3 (L to R):
Tony Smith, Tom Mills, Jeremy Clare, Len Field


Wales 4 (L to R):
Jim Hutchinson, Linda Hutchinson, Alan Evans


Thank you to:

Monkstone PC for their hospitality and use of their facilities and

Tony Smith for running the competition well done all

Kon Tomczyk
National Director of Development.