National Mixed Doubles

Important Notice: The Executive have been informed by Jim Page that the Car Park is unavailable for Sunday. Please find alternative parking. If you park in the car park you will be asked to move your car.

The following teams have registered for the National Mixed Doubles which will be hosted by Brecon RFC PC on Sunday 17th July.

Club Player 1 Player 2
Wheatsheaf/Wenvoe PCs Gemma Foster Peter Westall
Wenvoe PC Diane Westall Lewis Ellar
Monkstone  PC Vicki Adshead Roger Griffin
Monkstone  PC Rose Fiera Bernard Adshead
Brecon RFC PC Jackie Thomas Rob Thomas
Monkstone Inn Julie Bailey Ian Bailey
Monkstone Inn/Pontyclun PC Gay Evans Len Field
Caerleon RFC/Brecon RFC PC Barbara Vaughan Jim Page
Abergavenny PC Jean Ford Peter McCarthy
Caerleon RFC PC Pat Daviss Kon Tomczyk
Creigiau PC Margaret Drake Harry Drake

One more Mixed Doubles team is required.

National Doubles Championship – Men & Women

Registration 09:00 to 09:30.

Competition Format:
Men – 3 Pools of 4 teams, top 2 teams from each pool plus the next two best placed teams enter the main, which will be a straight knock-out.

Bottom four teams will enter the plate, which will be a round-robin.

Women – Double Round Robin

This year’s National Doubles Championship for both Men and Women will be hosted by Wenvoe PC on Sunday 3rd July. The following entries have been received.

Club Player 1 Player 2
Monkstone PC Tony Smith Nai Kongchun
Cardiff Bay / Wenvoe PC Dan Murphy Ken Ashton
Caerleon PC Kon Tomczyk Richard Harris
Wenvoe PC Dai Cannan Mike Jacques
Brecon PC Jim Page Tony Griffiths
Wenvoe PC Jeff Ball Rod Dobbins
Wenvoe PC Terry Lloyd Laurent Mirbelle
Monkstone Inn PC Ian Bailey Neil Dobbins
Monkstone PC Roger Griffin Bernard Adshead
Wenvoe PC Ray Hayes Mike Coleman
Pontyclun PC Len Field Jeremy Claire
Pontyclun PC Norman Griffiths Alan Elliott


Club Player 1 Player 2
Caerleon PC / Wheatsheaf PC Tansy Mayfield Gemma Foster
Monkstone PC Rose Fiera Vickie Adshead
Monkstone Inn PC Gay Evans Julie Bailey
Wenove PC Diane Hayes Gloria Davies


National Singles Championship – Men & Women

Registration 09:00 to 09:30.
Competition Format:
Ladies – this will be a Round Robin, untimed games.
Men – this will in two parts am 4 groups of 4, top 8 will play in the Championship, bottom 8 will play in the B competition. p.m. will be a straight knock out.

This year’s National Singles Championship for both Men and Women will be hosted by The Monkstone PC on Sunday 26th June. The following entries have been received.

Entries: Men
Club Player
Abergavenny PC Matthew Howells
Monkstone PC Tony Smith
Pontyclun PC Peter Beresford
NA Hugh Morris
Monkstone Inn PC Phil Bradsahw
Penarth PC Jean-Yves Robic
Unaffiliated Terence Thomson-Dewey
Caerleon RFC PC Kon Tomczyk
Pontyclun PC Len Field
Caerleon RFC PC Jake Caston
Caerleon RFC PC Paul Mayfield
Monkstone Inn PC Ian Bailey
Wenvoe PC Bob Pugh
Cardiff Bay BC Dan Murphy
Penarth PC Ian Williams
Wenvoe PC Ray Hayes


Entries: Women
Club Player 
Monkstone PC Rose Fiera
Caerleon RFC PC Tansy Mayfield
Monkstone Inn PC Gay Evans
Monkstone PC Carol Maroney
Caerleon RFC PC Barbara Vaughan
Wenvoe PC Diane Hayes

Entries to the above competitions are now closed.

Veterans – Results

The results of the recent Over 55’s National Championship are tabulated below.  Congratulations to the team comprising Bob Pugh, Jake Caston, Peter Westall and Ray Hayes who won this year’s championship.  In second place were the Badgers from Pontyclun PC with 4 wins and +25.

The Champions will be invited to represent Wales in Monaco at the European Championship for Veterans in October.  The teams finishing first and second will also be invited to take part in the Nations Veteran Cup, which will be held in Denmark in early September.

Thank you to all the teams that took part in the competition.

Club Team Wins Points 4 Position
Wenvoe PC/Caerleon RFC PC Age Concern 5 1
Cardiff Bay BC/Monkstone Inn PC/Wheatsheaf PC/Abergavenny PC Bad + G 3 +4 4
Caerleon RFC PC/Non Aff Wheeler Dealer 2 -17 6
Penarth PC Celia’s Sinners 1 -42 7
Pontyclun PC Badgers 4 +25 2
Monkstone PC Monkstone 4 +6 3
Wenvoe PC GAG 2 +3 5

Wheatsheaf Open Triples.

The organiser has provided the following information:

Organisers Name: Linda Hutchinson
Contact Number: 07817-178743
Email Address: jilicrinic [at] talktalk [dot] net
Event Title: Open Triples
Date of the Event: Saturday 12th June
Pre-Entry: Yes
Date Registration Closes: Please pre-register by 5pm Saturday 11th June by text or email to make organisation easier on the day!
Competition Type: Triples
Entry Fee (per player):  £5.00
Registration Time:  9.30am
Other Information: There will be a barbecue with hot dogs, burgers etc. and of course the Wheatsheaf will be open for drinks.


EPA’s Inter Regional Championships 2016 – Update

I have received the formal invitation of the EPA to Wales to participate in this year’s Inter Regional championships at Hayling Island.

The Championship will be held over the weekend of 10th and 11th September, 2016. 

This year we will be sending 8 teams. Because of the reduced number of teams required, unless there are more than 10 entries for the Qualifier, there will only be a single qualifier, on Sunday 19th June, to be held at Brecon RFC PC.

Registration will be between 09:00 and 09.30 am.

There will be prizes for the top teams.  Teams will be playing for qualification and for position or rankings, therefore as previously mentioned we need a minimum of 8 teams to enter! 

Welsh teams have been welcomed to this event every year for the best part of 30 years, and so it really is important that as many teams as possible enter by the closing date of 12th June 2016.

More detailed information will be published shortly, which shall include details about the accommodation offered and the possibility of a bursary, which will be dependant upon the number of entries.

Dan Murphy

Veterans – Over 55 Championship

Registration – 09:00 to 09:30.

Competition Format: Round Robin with timed games.

Currently the following teams have entered the Over 55 National Championship for Sunday 5th June.  There is plenty up for grabs, firstly, to represent Wales at the European Championships in Monaco later in the year. Secondly, two teams will be invited to play in Denmark – so all to play for.

Club Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Wenvoe PC/Caerleon RFC PC Age Concern Bob Pugh Peter Westall Jake Caston Ray Hayes
Cardiff Bay BC/Monkstone Inn PC/Wheatsheaf PC/Abergavenny PC Bad + G Dan Murphy Andy Pook Robert White Gay Evans
Caerleon RFC PC/Non Aff Wheeler Dealer Hugh Morris Ian Wheeler Pat Daviss  
Penarth PC Celia’s Sinners Celia Scott Ian Williams Jeanette Parker
Pontyclun PC Badgers Graham Attfield Len Field Peter Beresford Kath Attfield
Monkstone PC Monkstone Rose Fiera Peter Kensett Keith Nott Roger Griffin
Wenvoe PC GAG Diane Westall Diane Hayes Dai Cannan  Tony Jellings

EPA Inter-Regional Qualifier – GP3 – UPDATE.

Currently, there are 7 teams entered this qualifier, The organisers are looking for one more team to make up the required number for the Welsh Squad. The deadline for entry has been extended to 14th June.

The qualifier is to see which teams will represent Wales in the 2016 EPA Inter-Regional Championship, the qualification rounds will take place on Sunday 19th June at Brecon RFC PC. Please note that Saturday’s event has been cancelled.

Registration will be between 09:00 and 09.30 am. The format for the competition will be a Round-Robin.

The following teams have entered the competition:

Club Team Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Pontyclun PC Badgers John Attfield Jeremy Clare Len Field  
Cardiff/Abergavenny & Wheatsheaf PCs BAD Dan Murphy Andrew Pook Basil White
Brecon RFC PC 3 Amigos Jim Page AJ Jones Gareth Smart Stuart MacDonald
Caerleon RFC PC The Y Nots Pat Daviss Mike North Neil Wilkinson
Pontyclun PC Badgers Too Graham Attfield Peter Beresford Julie Beresford Kath Attfield
Monkstone Inn/Pontyclun & Monkstone PCs Ian Bailey Julie Bailey Nai Kongchun Derek Jones
Monkstone/Monkstone Inn PCs Rose Fiera Phil Bradshaw Peter Kensett John Maroney

The final date for entries has been extended to the 14th June. It is the intention of the WPA to attend the EPA Inter-Regional Championship. 

EPA’s Inter Regional Championships 2016

I am pleased to confirm that the WPA is keenly anticipating the receipt next week of a formal invitation to send a squad of 8 teams to compete in this year’s Championships.

The EPA has been working extremely hard to find ways to increase the number of pistes, as the EPA regions have increased in number, and so the requirement for playing areas at Hayling Island has increased. It has proved to be quite task. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the invitation to the WPA to take part in the Challenge Cup as well. But it does mean that we can send more 4 player teams than we have been able to do in the past..

This news that the EPA has overcome these difficulties – though no doubt there are other challenges they have to deal with,  is very welcome in Wales, and I am sure equally welcome in England.

I have thanked Martin Eggleton, President of the EPA, on behalf of the WPA and all our Members for all his and his team’s efforts to try to ensure that the great tradition of the annual Welsh invasion of Hayling Island continues!

Now all we need is for our teams to have a good Qualifier – so make sure you enter asap!

Dan Murphy

National Mens Triple Championship

Running alongside the National Ladies Triples Championship was the Mens’ Triples Championship, this year after three ranking games, saw a fierce knock-out competition to see who would become the 2016 Champions.

The closely fought final was won by the by Phil Bradshaw and Ian Bailey (Monkstone Inn PC) and Intrayut Kongchun (Monkstone PC) against Jake Caston, Kon Tomczyk and Peter Westall.

Winners 2016 Mens Triple Champions
Phil Bradshaw, Inthrayut Kongchun & Ian Bailey

The Executive of the WPA would like to thank all the teams that entered and play in perfect conditions at the Monkstone PC.

Mens_Final_Draw Mens_Final_Ranking

1 14 15 16 17 18 20