National League Cup and Plate

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The League Cup Competition runs parallel to the National League competition and adds another dimension to the playing season. Teams playing in the National League do not have to play in the League Cup, but are encouraged to do so.

All 22 Teams that have entered the League in 2017 have also entered the League Cup/Plate Competition.

The Draw for the Competition was held at the Monkstone PC Open Doubles on Sunday 2 April 2017. All 22 Teams were drawn and allocated a number from 1 to 22. Teams 1 -12 will play in the Preliminary Round in order to achieve the required 16 Teams in the Round 1. The Winners in Round 1 will go into the Cup Competition and the Losers into the Plate Competition.

The Games will progress as shown on the chart below meaning that games up to the Quarter Final can be played as soon as the two opponents are known. Teams do not have to wait for all games in a round to be complete before playing the next round.

Games in each round must be played ON OR BEFORE the following dates:

Preliminary Round:     7 June 2017

Round 1:    5 July 2017

Quarter Finals:     16 August 2017

Semis Finals & Finals were played on 10 September 2017 (Monkstone Petanque Club, Penylan).

2017 League Cup Champions | Penarth Pendragons

2017 League Cup Runners Up | Wheatsheaf A

2017 League Plate Champions | Isca Romans

2017 League Plate Runners Up | Maesteg

Results of the League Cup/Plate Competition, can be sent directly to the League Secretary by following this link.

All Results in the Preliminary Round and Round 1 should be entered as “Cup Competition” on the submission page.