Full Results

Club P W L Match Pts F Match Pts A Match   Pts Dif F A Dif Pts
1 Pontyclun PC 4 3 1 79 45 34 505 390 115 9
2 Monkstone PC 4 3 1 70 54 16 466 384 82 9
3 Caerleon PC 4 3 1 68 56 12 457 414 43 9
4 Wheatsheaf PC 4 1 3 46 78 -32 382 478 -96 3
5 Penarth PC 4 0 4 47 77 -30 361 484 -123 0
*Maesteg PC also entered, but were forced to pull out after Round 1.

As there were 3 Clubs that tied on 9 points in the overall results then, as the EuroCup rules criteria state, in the event of a draw on points then to determine the winning Club it will be the results of the tied Clubs, and only the tied Clubs’ matches, played against each other.

In the event that there is a draw on points, then the next criteria is match points between the tied Clubs, This scoring process was clarified with the CEP President before being published on the WPA Website and being emailed to all members on 16th October, prior to the final Round being played.


Tied-Clubs Results: FINAL STANDINGS


  Club P W L Match Pts F Match Pts A Match Pts Dif F A Dif Pts
1 Caerleon PC 2 1 1 34 28 6 204 237 -33 3
2 Monkstone PC 2 1 1 32 30 2 224 222 2 3
3 Pontyclun PC 2 1 1 27 35 -8 247 216 31 3


Therefore it is congratulations to Caerleon RFC PC who are the 2020 Welsh Cup for Clubs champions and will be invited to compete in the EuroCup 2020.


To clarify this result, the CEP introduced the awarding of “Match Points”, awarding 3 for a “Win”, to overcome the situation where a Club narrowly lost 3 Matches 15-16 (thus gaining a total of 45 “Game-Points”, but ended up beating a Club that narrowly won 2 Matches 16-15 but lost heavily in their 3rd Match 10-21 (thus only gaining a total of 42 “Game-Points”).
The WPA has used this process previously.

The CEP EuroCup Qualifying Rules, Arts. 8.9, 8.10, 8.11 & 8.12 outline the criteria used to award points and decide the results.

In order to prevent any confusion about this in future, the EC has begun the process of updating our own Welsh Cup for Clubs Rules to provide better clarity.

Thanks to all Clubs and players who took part and also thanks to Abegavenny PC for hosting the event.


Robert Pugh
National President

National Singles 2019

This year’s National Men’s and Women’s Singles are being held at Caerleon PC on 23rd June.

Pre-entry is required and the closing date is Thursday 20th June.

Payment can be made on the day but if you would like to enter can you please email your entry to dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk.

Registration will be 9:00 – 9:30am.

Even if you are not playing why not come along and watch, it will be an interesting day.

Inter-Regionals Qualifiers – 2019

This year, the qualifiers for the Inter-Regionals are being held at Caerleon PC on the 16th of June.

Kon has asked me to post this to make everyone aware and give everyone the chance to enter.

Anyone wishing to enter please contact Kon (email address is on the poster below).

Home Nations Qualifiers – Final results

Today saw the second day of qualifiers for the teams hoping to represent Wales at the Home Nations which as we are all aware is being held in Wales this year and the competition for places was always going to be stiff.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teams that took part, it was great to see new players coming forward and entering for their first time, I really hope you enjoyed the experience. It is a great opportunity to gain experience playing against people you may not have met or played against before and hopefully you will have formed new bonds.

Again well done to everyone that took part and let’s look forward to a successful Home Nations this year. So with no further delay, here is the bit you all want to see. . . . . The results.



PS an extra special thanks to Kon who has been busy running qualifying events all weekend but has still got these out for us tonight.

Home Nations Qualifier (Grand Prix1) results

Apologies for the delay in posting these but as you may well be aware there were issues with the website Sunday and yesterday (Bob Pugh sent an email to advise everyone yesterday and included the results).

Normal service has resumed and here are the results.















The second round will be held again at Monkstone PC next Sunday, good luck to all taking part.

Matching team shirts at Home Nations GP qualifiers and future WPA competitions

Previous posts have mentioned it and everyone should be aware that all teams entered into a WPA qualifying event or WPA competition must wear matching tops, something that isn’t always easy if the team members are from different clubs.

As we are all aware, we now have the new Welsh shirts for “International” competitions (Celtic Challenge and Home Nations included) and these now supersede all earlier versions.  As a result, the Exec. has agreed that players may play in the older style WPA shirts which will hopefully assist you in arranging matching shirts.

If team members have the earlier style Welsh shirts it will save them the cost/trouble of getting matching shirts and the dreaded £10 fine for not wearing matching tops can be avoided.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Home Nations GP Qualifier

The first of the Home Nations qualifiers is being held at Monkstone PC this coming Sunday, below are the entries so far. We currently have 11 teams and as we all know, an even number works far better.

There is still time to put a team in as you have until Friday 10th May, if you want to put a team in can you please email Kon with the details:-

dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk

Welsh National Veteran’s Triples Championship 2019 – results

Last Sunday the Welsh National Veteran’s Triples Championship was held at Monkstone PC and as can be seen from the results below it was a tough contest.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather following the visit from Storm Hannah on Saturday, it was actually a pleasant day.

The first semi-final saw a very close fought game with Linda Hutchinson/Jim Hutchinson/Pat Davis eventually winning 13-12 against Peter Westal /Len Field/Terry Lloyd.

The other semi-final was between Roger Green/Gill Clarke/Phil Roberts and Barbara Vaughan/Bob Pugh/Kon Tomczyk which saw Barbara, Bob and Kon clinch that with a 13-6 win.

This then brought us to the final which was between Linda Hutchinson/Jim Hutchinson/Pat Davis and Vaughan/Bob Pugh/Kon Tomczyk. This was another closely contested game with some excellent pointing on both sides but slightly stronger team of Barbara, Bob and Kon eventually won 13-8.

Both teams will be going on to represent Wales in the Nations Cup Veteran’s Triples International Invitation which is being held at Monkstone PC over the weekend of 29/30th  June.

Thanks to all the teams that took part in this making it a successful event and a special thank you to Monkstone PC for hosting it.

This is the second time we have seen El Presidente Pugh qualify to represent Wales this year, he also came second in the President’s Cup. . . . . . Folks, it’s time we pulled our fingers out and done something about this streak . . . lol.



2019 Home Nations Grand-Prix Qualifiers


2019 Home Nations Championships

Grand Prix Qualifiers

This year’s Home Nations Championships Qualifiers

Are To Be Held At

Grand Prix 1 – Monkstone Petanque Club – Sunday 12th May

Grand Prix 2 – Monkstone Petanque Club – Sunday 19th May (if Required)

Registration is 9.00 – 9.30

The Top Eight Teams Will Be Expected To Represent Wales

In The

Home Nations Championships

To Be Held In



10th & 11th of August


Monkstone Petanque Club

Please email your entry to

dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk


Payment can be made on the day


Closing date is


Friday1 0th May 2019


Entry Fee is £7 per Player in each team


Note any player not wearing matching team tops are subjected to a £10 fine

1 2