This morning, news has reached WPA HQ that an, as yet unnamed, Welsh player has smashed the current Precision Shooting World Record by scoring 95 on their own piste in their back garden.

“I was getting some practice in while socially-distancing myself from the wife, and thought I’d have a go as I’ve only done it once before and then only scored 5”, said the player – normally a pointer.

“Imagine my surprise, when I got to 95 and then missed the 9m jack on the very last throw? I was gutted.

“My missus, was filming me on our camcorder from in the house, reckons I bottled it, and offered me the ever-helpful thought – ‘Nobody likes to see that’”.

The player concerned as asked that their name not be released yet as they don’t want the publicity.

The WPA National President and Director of Development have received the video and are reviewing it at the time of writing.

If found to be true, it will be released after mid-day today.

UPDATE: Regrettably, the video tape snapped just as the first boule left the player’s hand, so we are unable to confirm this wild, extravagant claim.