World Championships – 2019 Squad

This year the World Championships for Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Men and Women are being held in El Ejido, Almería, SPAIN between 2nd and 5th May 2019.

After completing an assessment series the members representing Wales in the World Championships – Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles are:

  • Singles:
    Men – Matthew Howells, Abergavenny Petanque Club.
    Women – Gemma Foster, Caerleon Petanque Club.
  • Doubles:
    Men – Richard Harris and Matthew Howells, Caerleon Petanque Club and Abergavenny Petanque club, respectively.
    Women – Gemma Foster and Tansy Mayfield, Caerleon Petanque Club.
  • Mixed Doubles: Tansy Mayfield and Richard Harris, Caerleon Petanque Club.

The World Championships Triples: Juniors and Women including Precision Shooting are both to be held in Phnom-Penh, CAMBODIA between 19th to 23rd November 2019.

Unfortunately, the WPA is unable to send a squad to either event.