National Singles – Report.

The Cardiff Harlequins PC came to the rescue and hosted the National Singles Championship on Sunday, 23rd June. The Executive would like to thank the club for their hard work preparing the NC Single.

Unfortunately, the late withdrawal of players from the competition reduced the entries to 16. A three-round Swiss Ladder format was used to rank the teams from 1 to 16 based on wins and point difference. The top 8 teams went to the Main Competition, while the next 8 competed in the Plate Competition. 

The final ranking of the teams is detailed below:

Main Competition

The draw and the final results of the Knock-out for the National title are shown below. All the games were fiercely fought, many of which could have resulted in a different ending. However, the final came down to two old adversaries, Jean-Yves Robic and Len Field, both from SWBRC-PS.

It was a relaxed final, with both players chatting to each other as the game developed. There was excellent play from both Jean-Yves and Len, but Len’s superior shooting won the title for him for the second year running.

2024 National Singles Champion: Len Field

Finalists: Jean-Yves Robic and Len Field, both representing SWBRC-PS.

Plate Competition

There was a mix of players in the Plate Competition. However, it was good to see players from two new WPA-affiliated clubs, Andrew Hemms and Phil Freegard, battling it out in the final. Phil took an early lead, but Andrew pulled back the scoreline and eventually overtook Phil to win the Plate Competition.

Plate Finalists: Andrew Hemms (Winner) -Twyn-y-Ffwrd Inn PC and Phil Freegard – Cardiff Harlequins.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the championship and especially to the club volunteers who welcomed everyone.

A special thank you to Jayne Dunn, who ran the competition and kept it progressing to a successful conclusion.