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Coaching Courses

The WPA aims to run at least one course per year, depending on numbers, for members to become qualified as coaches.

As a coach in Wales, you will learn from a wide range of personal and sport-related experience to develop your skills, and apply them effectively. The knowledge you will need includes:

  • the technicalities and rules of your sport, the associated strategies and tactics, the competitive structures;
  • training principles and fitness strategies, how to design, test and modify fitness sessions and programmes;
  • how people learn, execute, refine and maintain skills; how they can become even more consistent and capable of winning under pressure;
  • how to plan and structure coaching sessions for maximum enjoyment and improvement; how to organise groups and ensure safety, and how to handle the necessary administration;
  • how to develop and strengthen the mental factors such as concentration and confidence that influence performance;
  • the performers with respect to their goals, experiences, likes and dislikes, life outside sport, as well as their actual, developmental and training age especially if the performers are young people.

Follow this link to access the Coaching Syllabus page, which page provides detailed information on the content of the coaching courses.

Club Coaching Sessions

The WPA encourages all clubs to have at least one member qualified as a coach, who will organise training and coaching at the club. For member clubs that do not yet have a coach, training sessions can be arranged with the WPA, using available coaching resources.

The training sessions are aimed at new and beginner players, and are free of charge to affiliated clubs. If you wish to arrange a training session at your club, please contact the National Coach, or one of the qualified coaches listed on the Coaching: Contacts page.

Training sessions can also be arranged for non-member clubs, subject to a small charge. Please contact National Coach to discuss your requirements.

Please note that sessions are subject to the availability of coaching resources.

Sport Wales

Wales offers funding and support to sports clubs in Wales the Community Chest, which is an initiative for community sport and physical recreation, and provides grants of up to £1,500 in any 12-month period.

Our member clubs are encouraged to apply for grants from Sport Wales to cover the costs of their members undertaking coaching courses run by the WPA.

To find out more, and how to apply for a Community Chest grant, please follow this link to the Sport Wales web site.