Coaching: The Structure

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The WPA has established an effective and adaptable coaching structure that is effective in delivering coaching to pétanque players in Wales, and has as its aims:

  • To support every WPA club in providing coaching and training to their members.
  • To develop and improve the skills of members playing pétanque in Wales.
  • To develop and improve the skills of pétanque coaches in Wales.
  • To support and assist players and teams preparing for, and representing Wales in, international competitions and tournaments.
  • To encourage every WPA club to have at least one club member qualified and active as a coach.

Coaching in the WPA is overseen by a National Coach, appointed by the WPA Executive,
whose main responsibility is to facilitate the achievement of the above aims.

All qualified coaches undergo an enhanced CRB check, and undertake to arrange and conduct  training sessions, and to record all of their coaching-related activities as part of their ongoing development.

There are three grades for qualified WPA coaches:

  • Club Coach
  • Regional Coach
  • Senior Coach

Club Coach (Grade 3) is the entry level, with coaches working mainly within their own club environment, particularly with players new to the game. This provides perfect opportunities for  the coach to hone their coaching skills to move on to the Regional Coach (Grade 2) level,  where they will be expected to work predominantly with more experienced players to improve  the more advanced skills needed to play at higher levels of competition.

Achieving Senior Coach (Grade 1) level would see the coach working with elite players and  representative teams to help them achieve the highest possible levels of skill required to  compete effectively at international level. Coaches at this level would also be expected to help  in developing fellow coaches to develop and progress to the next level.

Pétanque coaching in Wales is carried out in line with a published Code of Conduct. Follow this link to download the Code of Conduct document.

Follow this link to find out more information on becoming a pétanque coach in Wales.

Follow this link to view a list of the current qualified coaches.