National Mixed Doubles

If you are intending to enter the mixed doubles, please contact Kon at dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk

Teams entered for the Mixed Doubles so far:

1          Gemma Foster / Peter Westall

2          Lewis Ellar / Dianne Westall

3          Harley Ellar / Lindsay Thomas

4          Barbara Vaughan / Kon Tomczyk

5          Gareth Spencer / Michelle Spencer.

6          Len Field / Valerie Falconer

7          Roger Griffin / Vickie Adshead

8          Hugh Morris / Pat Davies

Home Nations 2018

This weekend sees the Home Nations Championship held in Jersey for the first time. Teams from Wales will compete against teams from Scotland, Jersey and England.

We wish Jersey success with hosting the event and our teams a safe journey and the very best of luck.

WPA Welsh National Doubles 2018

WPA Welsh National Doubles 2018

The annual National Welsh Doubles 2018 were held at Monkstone Petanque Club on Sunday 15th July and once again the exceptional weather this year made it the ideal conditions for playing.

Players took to the pistes to start the first round which threw up a few surprises with a win for Westall and Tomczyk 13 – 0 and Howells and Pook 13 – 1

The second round saw Field and Clare record their second win of 13 – , a close call for Howells and Pook winning 13 – 12, local club players V Adshead and J Dunn bounced back from their first round loss with a 13 – 9 win

Although Westall and Tomczyk lost their second round match they returned to form with a 13 – 4 win in the third round and with Field and Clare losing their third round match leaving Howells and Pook in the lead with three wins at the half way stage.

Other Monkstone PC teams were not far behind with both  B Adshead and Griffin, Barnes and Spencer winning two out of the first three games.

Lunch over, the players returned to the piste with one or two wilting in the unrelenting sunshine, something we are not totally accustomed to in Wales.

Round four saw Field and Clare versus Howells and Pook who were unbeaten at this stage with but a 13 – 8 win to Field and Clare put them back in contention and with Westall and Tomczyk winning their third game this meant 3 teams with three wins, so all to play for with 2 games to go. All three teams won their 5th round match 3 teams now on 4 wins with one to go

The last round saw Howells and Pook v Westall and Tomczyk – Field and Clare v B Adshead and Griffin this was a must win for all teams.

With Field and Clare losing their final game 7 -13 it left the match of Howells and Pook v Westall and Tomczyk to decide the National Doubles Champions 2018

The game started with Westall and Tomczyk taking a commanding lead through outstanding shooting from Tomczyk and accurate pointing by Westall and at 10 – 4 looked as if the match was pretty much over.

However how one end can change a match with the cosh at 9 metres accurate pointing and shooting from Howells and Pook saw them take a six, levelling the scores at 10 – 10 a disastrous end for Westall and Tomczyk, pressure on, game on.

The penultimate end gave Westall and Tomczyk  1 point 11 – 10

With the cosh again at 9 metres the situation was Howells and Pook’s boule was 15 cm behind the cosh with the a remaining boule count at 2 for Westall /1 for Tomczyk / 2 for Howells, Westall pointed his boule 10 cm in front of the cosh taking the point, as both boules were in line and the cosh in the middle Howells decided to shoot unfortunately a miss, boule count now 2 to 1, Howells decided to be bold and shoot again, hit the boule full and unfortunately also took out the cosh leaving Westall and Tomczyk with two boules in hand, game over and an unfortunate way to lose a match but “ that’s boules” as they say’.

Thanks to Monkstone PC for their hospitality and hosting the event and all participants for their support which made for a very exciting competition.


Women’s and Men’s Singles Champions

The WPA National Women’s and Men’s Singles was held at held the Monkstone Petanque Club on Sunday 1 July In dry and sunny weather conditions.

In the Women’s singles it was very close between Gemma Foster and Tansy Mayfield for the title, with the title eventually going to Gemma after winning all her matches and winning by one win.

In the Men’s singles four players went through to the knockout with 4 wins, Peter Kensit, Jeremy Clare, Derek Jones and Lewis Ellar. Also going through with 3 wins were Paul Mayfield, Basil White, Hugh Morris and Mathew Howells. Having won the National triples last week with his team Lewis showed another great performance for one of our juniors.

The Quarter and Semi finals saw some very exciting and very close matches but in the end the Mathew Howells and Jeremy Clare made their way through to the Final. After the first few ends Mathew took a small lead over Jeremy and despite Jeremy making a comeback with some great play, Mathew was too strong and secured the win.

Thank you to the Monkstone PC and its members for hosting the event and to all participants for their support which made for a very exciting competition. Congratulations to our 2018 National Women’s Singles Champion Gemma Foster and our National Men’s Singles Champion Mathew Howells.

Both Champions will now be invited to take part in the European Singles Championships in Italy.

WPA – National Triples Winners 2018


The WPA National Welsh Triples was held at held at Caerleon R.F.C. Petanque Club on Sunday 24 June in perfect sunny weather conditions.

The event was contested by very experienced players who have previously represented Wales at World and European and International events and a young promising junior team of Lewis Ellar, Harley Ellar and Mathew Clare

Their first game against Smith, Beresford & Tomczyk was closely contested with good play from both sides. Despite exceptional pointing of Mathew Clare and Harley Ellar and the accurate shooting by Lewis Ellar they found themselves trailing 10 – 12 in the later part of the game.

In the last end with the game on the floor and the opposition out of boules the captain of the junior side (Lewis Ellar) in consultation with his team took the decision and asked his younger brother Harley to shoot the holding boule of the opposing team, without hesitation Harley shot and with a spot carreau on the holding boule his team 2 points and with 1 boule to play. With the score now at 12-12 and with one boule left to play Harley showed great composure and pointed the last boule and snatched victory for the team.

They continued in this form throughout the day setting up a game against Westall, Clare and Field (favourites for the title who had also not lost a game. True to form the young side went in to a commanding lead against the favourites and despite a surge of points from their opposition they held their nerve and secured a win

1 game to go and a win would secure the title.

Unlike in their earlier games the young side found themselves 2-9 down, was it 1 game to far, the team of Bevan, Wheeler and Wilkinson were not for following in the same  way of the teams that the boys had faced in the earlier rounds. Although it seemed that they were heading towards defeat they stuck to the task in hand and again exceptional pointing by Clare and Ellar combined with the shooting of Lewis Ellar they fought their way back into the game and went on to win 13 -10, a clean sweep for the day securing the national title, the youngest team to do so in the history of Welsh Petanque

Thank you all participants for their support which made for a very exciting competition and congratulations to our 2018 National Triples Champions Mathew Clare, Harley Ellar and Lewis Ellar


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