Youth Development

Child Safe in SportThe Welsh Pétanque Association (WPA) is committed to create a child-safe environment for the sport by keeping children safe from abuse when they are involved in organised events, to do this we are following the Child-Safe Code:

  • Adopting a voluntary Child Protection Policy
  • Appointing a Child Protection Officer
  • Training WPA volunteers
  • Adopting best practice approaches
  • Letting children and parents know what we are doing

Child-Safe – helping to make organisations safer for children

The WPA is committed to the inclusion and development of all junior players in the sport of pétanque and shall endeavour to provide all the necessary support to establish a strong youth section.

Age Categories.

Players under the age of 18 on the 31st of December in any given year are defined as youth.  There are three youth categories determined by age:

  •  Minors – under 11 years
  •  Cadets – 11 – 14 years
  •  Juniors – 14 – 18 years

All of the above age categories usually play together, although separate events can be organised for each category.  Younger players can take part in an event for older players, even adults, but older players cannot take part in an event for younger players.

What do you need to play?

Most clubs will have boules that you can initially borrow to try out the various size and weight.  You must be very careful to choose the right boule for youth, especially before buying your first set.  It is important to ask your club coach for their help and advice in choosing the correct boule.

Flat shoes (trainers are good) and comfortable clothing is best.  A set of waterproofs is advisable (jacket and trousers) epically with the Welsh weather.

Many clubs also have their own club shirts, which you will be eligible to purchase once you are a member.


The WPA has a programme of progressive skills awards.  ‘The Skills Award Scheme’ has two levels; Beginners and Advanced with three awards at each level.

A medal and certificate is presented as each level is attained.  By taking part in the scheme you will learn new skills, improve your play and have a tangible reward to celebrate your success.  All of the awards must be taken in order.

For details of the different levels, please follow the appropriate link:

WPA Skills Award Scheme:

BeginnersBronze Award  | Silver AwardGold Award
AdvancedBronze AwardSilver Award | Gold award


If you wish to take part in the Skills Award Scheme, please contact your Club Coach. Follow this link to download an overview of the scheme.

Pétanque in Schools

Currently the WPA has no affiliations with schools in Wales. However, should you wish to obtain further information on how the sport can be introduced into your school, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.