Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – UPDATE 06/08/2020


Novel Coronavirus


UPDATE – 06/08/2020

I hope you and you families are staying safe and well.

Following our attendance of the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) call on Tuesday morning the EC met on Wednesday 5th August.

Full details of the Guidelines, along with the WG FAQ document and the UK Government’s advice on cleaning in non-healthcare situations can be found on the WPA’s COVID-19 Advice and Information page here.

As a result of studying the relevant sections of the WG Guidelines, we have updated our own guidelines, which are also published on the above page.

To emphasise a number of points:

  • As well as outdoor gatherings of UP-TO 30 people taking place for “organised and supervised” activities, the WG now permits outdoor gatherings of up-to 30 people for social purposes. Please be aware that these social gatherings MUST still adhere to the 2m social-distancing instructions.

  • The WSA & WG have confirmed that this “social” gathering can be applied to spectators, and is in addition to the organised gathering of people taking part in a sporting activity:

    “Re organised outdoor events, if there are people who are socially distant from the field of play – and from each other – and their presence doesn’t obstruct or interfere with the safety arrangements planned by the organisers for the event, then they would not count towards the 30 total. Here is what our guidance says on that point:


    Supporters and other spectators should be limited at this stage to only those persons who need to attend, e.g. parents or guardians of children who require their attendance for health or safeguarding reasons.  All spectators are to remain socially and physically distanced from each other and from the area of play whilst attending events, including accessing and leaving the venue, use of any facilities and whilst watching game play.

    Anyone on the area of play, or closer to it than social distancing rules would permit, will count towards the total number people considered to the gathered for the organised outdoor activity, where a limit of no more than 30 persons applies.

  • The WPA has decided that spectators should still be discouraged from attending any organised event, but should any bystanders be present, they MUST be a minimum of 2m from the edge of the playing area. Should an organised event take place at an “open” area, the organisers should make sure a barrier or other marker is in place at least 2m from the edge of the playing area.

The Executive also moved to draft an updated playing calendar with a limited number of events which will be further refined and published in the near future.

In the meantime, we appreciate your ongoing patience, and hope you and your families stay healthy.




Robert Pugh

National President.