Home Nations Championship.

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The first Home Nations Championship took place in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in 2000. The English Pétanque Association won the inaugural championship and have successfully defended their title since.

This year’s Home Nations Championship is to be organised by the Welsh Petanque Association and to be hosted by the Monkstone Petanque Club located in Cardiff.

Throughout the Championship, live results were available via this website, follow this link to access the live results page.

Additional information regarding the Championship can also be found by following this link.

If you played in this year’s Home Nations Championship and you would like to see the overall ranking of the teams and see where your team was placed, then click here.

The 2019 Squads are:

Wales 1 Peter Westall Jeremy Clare Len Field
Wales 2 Gareth Spencer Scott Murray Peredur John Andrew Howard
Wales 3 Tansy Mayfield Barbara Vaughan Gemma Foster Kon Tomczyk
Wales 4 Jim Page Gareth Smart Tony Griffiths Michael Cornish
Wales 5 Paul Mayfield Steve Snudden Andy Pook John Price
Wales 6 Sean Smith Roger Griffin Mike Jones Jayne Dunn
Wales 7 Tony Smith Jean-Yves Robic Mathew Howells
Wales 8 Graham Attfield John Attfield Trudie Merry Derek Lomas

Head of Delegation – Bob Pugh.
Team Manager – Michelle Spencer.

England 1 Clive de Silva Phil Bradshaw Steve Daykin
England 2 Dean Ashby Jason White Jeff Booth Rob Booth
England 3 Carol Woodward Glenn Woodward Hannah Griffin
England 4 Matt Blyton Jamie Blyton Lee Edgar
England 5 Jitendra Bharania Kamles Modha Rohit Damodar
England 6 Duncan Brown Steve Brown Gary Kelynack Tim Edwins
England 7 Colin Smith Pat Rowlands Simon Cotton Jacob Smith
England 8 Fay Golder Steve Golder Margaret Eldridge

Head of Delegation – Ken Buchan.

Jersey 1 Matthew Ryan Ross Payne Dave Ibitson Brigitte Ibitson
Jersey 2 Matthew Pinel Mark Nicol Richard Nevitt
Jersey 3 Laurent Pellaton Geoffroy Buffetrille Neil Selby
Jersey 4 Alan Lahiffe Michel Morel Matthew Scholefield
Jersey 5 Wendy Ritzema Gary Cowburn Brian Harris
Jersey 6 Steve Foster Derek Hart Joy Hart
Jersey 7 Chris Romeril Natasha Romeril Dawn Buckley
Jersey 8 Callum Stewart Andrew Bellamy-Burt Alan Oliveira

Head of Delegation – Michel Morel.
Team Captain – James Rondel

Scotland 1 Mags Montgomery Dani Cassini Colin Montgomery Matthew Nelson
Scotland 2 Emma Montgomery Derek Adam Colin Stewart
Scotland 3 Lynn Jenkins Richard Carter John Wilson
Scotland 4 Gavin Hillson Mike Watt Alec Davie
Scotland 5 Zandra Boyle Bob Boyle Douglas Hamilton
Scotland 6 Alison Swiffin Christine Thomson Mari Snell Ed Strachan
Scotland 7 Raymond Killen Stuart Killen Sandy Crawford
Scotland 8 Marian Macintyre Donnie Macintyre Charlie Rennie

Head of Delegation – Colin Stewart.

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