World Championships

The World Championships are organised by the Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP), the World governing body of the sport of pétanque.

The Pétanque World Championship was first contested in 1959 and has been organised a further 46 times.

From 2010 the World Championship has been limited to 48 countries and held every two years.  The qualifying competition for the World Championship is now the European Championship, organised by the European governing body, the Confédération Européenne de Pétanque (CEP).

In 2012 the World Championship was changed from an open class (mixed sex) to male teams only.

Details of the qualification series for the Ladies World Championships to be held in China in early November 2017 can be downloaded by following this link.

If you would like to enter the Qualification Series, please complete the on-line registration, which can be accessed by following this link.

The Teams representing Wales were entirely self-funded, and are extremely grateful to all those who so kindly provided sponsorship or made donations.

2008SenegalMenD JonesD ElstonP WestallT Smith
2009ThailandWomenB VaughanG FosterJ BraceG Evans
2009TunisiaJuniorS Lipetz-RobicJ Lipetz-RobicR LeeK Gregory
2010TurkeyMenM FranksP BradshawN DobbinsC Royer
2011TurkeyWomenB VaughanG FosterJ BraceG Evans
2013FranceWomenJ BaileyG FosterT MayfieldG Evans
2015FranceSingles: MenJ Caston
2017BelgiumSingles: MenP Bradshaw
2017BelgiumSingles: WomenG Foster
2017BelgiumDoubles: MenP BradshawI Bailey
2017BelgiumDoubles: WomenG EvansG Foster
2017BelgiumDoubles: MixedG EvansI Bailey
2019SpainSingles: MenM Howells
2019SpainSingles: WomenG Foster
2019SpainDoubles: MenR HarrisM Howells
2019SpainDoubles: WomenT MayfieldG Foster
2019SpainDoubles: MixedT MayfieldR Harris

The World Championship in Precision Shooting started in 2000 and has been contested every year since.

2008World ChampionshipD Jones
2009World ChampionshipJ Brace
2009World ChampionshipR Lee - Junior
2009European ChampionshipN Dobbins
2010World ChampionshipN Dobbins
2010European ChampionshipB Demay
2011World ChampionshipJ Brace
2011European ChampionshipN Dobbins
2012European ChampionshipT Mayfield
2013World ChampionshipG Evans
2013European ChampionshipI Bailey
2014European ChampionshipG Evans
2015European ChampionshipP Westall
2016European ChampionshipG Foster
2017European ChampionshipP Westall
2018European ChampionshipG Foster