Celtic Challenge

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2018 Celtic Challenge

Celtic Challenge Associations

The 2018 Celtic Challenge is to be hosted by Irish Pétanque Association over the weekend of 5th and 6th May.

This annual event between Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and is the 30th occasion that will be held, each nation supplies 4 teams of 3/4 players. As Ireland is hosting the event this year, only one squad comprising 4 teams is representing Wales.  The Welch squad iscomprised of the following WPA members:

Wales Team Member 1Team Member 2Team Member 3
Wales 1
Wales 2
Wales 3
Wales 4

The competition is played over two days. The winner is the squad that achieves the most wins after 12 rounds after playing against all the opposing teams. The host nation’s A and B squad play each other in the first 4 rounds on the opening day.