CEP European Championships

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European Championships organised by the CEP are run over a two-year cycle.

In the even-numbered years the following Championships take place:

  • Singles: Men and Women, Doubles: Men and Women, Mixed Doubles
  • Triples: Women and Precision Shooting
  • Triples: Juniors – Boys and Girls

Follow this link to see those members representing Wales in 2021

In odd-numbered years the following Championships take place:

  • Triples: Veterans
  • Triples: Men and Precision Shooting

Every year the following Championships take place:

  • Triples: Espoirs – Men and Women
  • EuroCup Finals

All the details for the CEP Championships can be found on its Calendar

All the teams representing Wales are entirely self-funded and are extremely grateful to all those who so kindly provide sponsorship or make donations.  If you or your business is interested in sponsoring the Welsh Squad, then please contact a member of the current WPA Executive.

Previous EC representation:

2020SpainWomenNOT HELD COVID-19
2020LatviaSingles: WomenNOT HELD COVID-19
2020LatviaSingles: MenNOT HELD COVID-19
2020LatviaDoubles: WomenNOT HELD COVID-19
2020LatviaDoubles: MenNOT HELD COVID-19
2020LatviaDoubles: MixedNOT HELD COVID-19
2019BulgariaMenP WestallD JonesL FieldP Beresford
2019BulgariaVeteransP WestallD JonesL FieldS Spencer
2018ItalySingles: WomenG Foster
2018FranceWomenB VaughanT MayfieldG FosterJ Dunne
2018ItalySingles: MenM Howells
2017FranceMenI BaileyK TomczykP Westall
2017DenmarkVeteransP BeresfordL FieldR PughP Westall
2016SwedenSingles: WomenT Mayfield
2016BratislavaWomenB VaughanT MayfieldG Foster
2016MonacoVeteransR PughJ CastonP WestallR Hayes
2015BulgariaMenI BaileyS BraceP WestallP Bradshaw
2014TurkeyWomenJ RobertsJ BraceG Evans
2014SwedenVeteransB VaughanJ CastonK TomczykP Beresford
2013RomeMenM FranksP BradshawI BaileyJ-Y Robic
2012BelgiumWomenJ BaileyG FosterT Mayfield
2012DenmarkVeteransG AttfieldM BrownT Smith
2011SwedenMenM FranksP BradshawN DobbinsI Bailey
2010SloveniaWomenB DemayG FosterJ BraceS Foster
2009FranceMenM FranksP BradshawN DobbinsC Royer

Previous EC representation for Precision Shooting:

2020World ChampionshipNOT HELD COVID-19
2020European ChampionshipNOT HELD COVID-19
2019European ChampionshipNOT ENTERED (P Westall)
2018European ChampionshipG Foster
2017European ChampionshipP Westall
2016European ChampionshipG Foster
2015European ChampionshipP Westall
2014European ChampionshipG Evans
2013World ChampionshipG Evans
2013European ChampionshipI Bailey
2012European ChampionshipT Mayfield
2011World ChampionshipJ Brace
2011European ChampionshipN Dobbins
2010World ChampionshipN Dobbins
2010European ChampionshipB Demay
2009World Championship - WomenJ Brace
2009World Championship - JuniorR Lee
2009European ChampionshipN Dobbins
2008World ChampionshipD Jones

Follow this link to see those members that represented Wales in 2019.

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