Welsh Cup for Clubs

The Welsh Cup for Clubs is an inter-club competition to find the best club in Wales.  The cup was first competed for in 2007 and was won by the Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club.

The competition is run annually at the beginning of the season to find the Welsh Club that is invited by the WPA to enter the EuroCup, which is organised by the Confédération Européenne de Pétanque (CEP).

Each club team can consist of 6-8 players under the following conditions:

  • The teams of 6 players must possess at least 1 player of the opposite sex to the rest of the team;
  • The teams of 7-8 players must possess at least 2 players of the opposite sex to the rest of the team.

All the participants must be licensed with the Club that they represent at the time of the competition and may not, under any circumstances, play for another club during the course of the competition.

The games for the Welsh Cup for Clubs are played in the following format:

  • Five (5) open singles and one (1) between the designated female players,
  • Two (2) open doubles and one (1) mixed double,
  • One (1) open triple, one (1) mixed triple.

Each match consists of eleven games played over three (3) rounds.

Follow this link for the Rules for Welsh Cup for Club 2017

All the entry fees for the Welsh Cup for Clubs are ‘ring fenced’ and an amount decided by the WPA Executive shall be provided to the winners, if the club accepts the invitation to participate in the EuroCup. No further financial support from the WPA is available.

The following clubs have entered for the 2017 Welsh Cup for Clubs:

Registered ClubClub Contact
Monkstone Pétanque Club Bernard Adshead
Wenvoe Pétanque ClubBob Pugh
Caerleon RFC BCTansy Mayfield
Penarth Pétanque ClubJean-Yves Robic

Ideally, the Welsh Club Champions shall be decided upon the total number of points won.  However, should there be a tie on the number of wins then Article 22 detailed in the published Rules European Cup For Clubs shall be used, which states that:

The following formula will be applied to decide the results:

  1.  Number of Match Points, if two or more teams are tied, then:
  2.  Game Points between the tied teams.
  3.  Points Difference between the tied teams.
  4.  Points Difference between all the teams in the group.

All results must be relayed to the WPA Executive using the official Registration/Score Sheet.

Follow this link to download the score sheet.

The final round of the Round-Robin was played on Sunday 19th February between Caerleon RFC PC and Monksone PC.  Congratulations to both Caerleon RFC PC and Wenvoe PC who now play each other in a final round.

The final round will comprise two encounters, each on neutral venues, the venues will be announced shortly.  Please can both clubs taking part in the final notify the Director of Development of their intent to represent Wales in the EuroCup Qualifying Round over the weekend of 27th to 30th July at a venue to be announced in early April.

The WPA is required to notify the CEP of our intention to enter the EuroCup by 1st March 2017.

Position Club Encounters Wins Points
1 Caerleon RFC PC 3 22 69
2 Wenvoe PC 2 19 56
3 Monkstone PC 1 17 44
4 Penarth PC 0 8 17

Welsh Cup for Clubs Roll of Honour

2017Wenvoe Pétanque Club
2016Pontyclun Pétanque Club
2015The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club
2014The Monkstone Inn Pétanque Club
2013The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club
2012The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club
2011Sir Henry Morgan's Pétanque Club
2010The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club
2009The Monkstone Pétanque Club
2008The Monkstone Pétanque Club
2007The Wheatsheaf Pétanque Club