Membership of the WPA currently costs under 5.5p per day (including full insurance cover). That’s excellent value for money!  What other sport can provide you with the opportunity to play in a range of competitions for your country, both home and abroad, and also provide you with coaching as well?

Read on and find out more…..

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Membership of the Welsh Pétanque Association (WPA).

The WPA is the governing body for the sport of pétanque (commonly called boule) in Wales. The WPA aims to promote the development of the sport for all people in Wales – young and old, male and female, able bodied and with a disability, pub players and would-be internationals. Few sports offer such a good opportunity for a wide range of people to play equally against one another. It is also a very sociable game: even the major competitions organised in Wales have a friendly and encouraging atmospheree.

This page aims to provide some information about the WPA and what it can offer. The WPA Executive would be very pleased to offer further information on any matter.


Originally, the British Pétanque Association (BPA), regulated the sport in Wales. The BPA made many positive contributions to the sport, but did not always directly address the needs of the Principality. The WPA will have direct contact with the sport at all levels in Wales, and will be able to respond more effectively to the needs of members and clubs. This direct link will also mean that funds raised in Wales will directly benefit Welsh clubs, players and events. Our independent structure will also enable us to access grants from Sports Funding Bodies to develop the sport for the benefit for all members.

Why Join?

Joining the WPA brings a range of direct benefits for both individual members and for clubs, in addition to contributing to the development of the sport across Wales.

Benefits for the Individual…

  • Information about WPA and International events throughout the year, and news about other open competitions across the country. We have a good and varied calendar of events across Wales that allow both committed and casual players to take part in competitions.
  • Members are eligible to play in all WPA organised competitions. An International Playing Licence is included in the fee which confers eligibility for all open competitions across the UK, and any International FIPJP Tournaments.
  • Members can attend WPA organised coaching courses.
  • Interested members can train as coaches, or as umpires who might oversee national or international competitions.

Benefits for Affiliated Clubs…

  • Clubs can request in-house training and advice sessions from accredited coaches.
  • Clubs are eligible to play in WPA organised leagues and in the Welsh Club Cup.
  • Clubs can host WPA events, raising the profile of the game in your club and bringing in new visitors.
  • We can offer advise on pursuing applications for grants to develop club facilities (sports funding councils require that all grant applicants are members of recognised governing bodies such as the WPA). Sponsorship is also easier to attract if a club is affiliated to a recognised body.

Benefits for both…

  • In addition, both individuals, affiliated clubs and club executives are covered by the WPA insurance policy.

The Wider Picture…

Joining the WPA also means that you are supporting the wider development of the sport in Wales.

We are committed to developing the sport for all players. We want to develop a junior league, and a series of competitions for younger members to build the future of the sport in Wales (our junior squad improves year on year). We also want to further develop the sport for senior players – whether this be organising ‘friendly’ events for those who play primarily for fun, or supporting the development of those who want to play nationally and internationally.

Regular ‘friendlies’ such as the President’s Cup and the Inter-Counties Competition encourage casual players to play against members of other clubs. There are many opportunities for keen players to represent Wales: for example, the Home Nations Championship and the Celtic Challenge offer chances to play for Wales. We are proud that Wales is now represented at international level with teams at all categories playing in European and World Championships.

Membership of the WPA also supports continuing affiliation to the International rule-making body and supports disciplinary codes that provides protection for young members and vulnerable adults.

Becoming a member…


Most individuals join the WPA through affiliated club, although it is also possible to join as an ‘unattached’ members – this is particularly helpful to those people who enjoy playing the sport but who do not live near a club.


Most individual members of the WPA are also members of an affiliated club. Clubs are the backbone of the sport – as well as providing a regular place to play they also form leagues for inter-club competitions, and give an easy point of contact for people interested in taking up the sport. For a club to register with the WPA, it must meet the WPA requirements, this being:

  • There are a minimum of 3 members (first year development only), after which there must be a minimum of 6 members who are individual members of the WPA.
  • The club must have a constitution which acceptable to the WPA.
  • The club must have a bank account.
  • The club must pay the annual registration fee.

Club Affiliation Form

To help clubs get off the ground and then more importantly to develop a strong membership, Sport Wales has developed a number of pages on their website to support you.

The resource includes information on Starting a Club, Growing a Club, Safety &  Welfare and Useful Links.

If you are thinking of starting a club, please contact a member of the WPA Executive for additional information and support.


The cost of membership to join the WPA from 2020 will be £20.00 for an adult, £6.00 for a junior and £30.00 for a club. These fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding joining the WPA or require further information, please contact the WPA Publicity Officer who will only be too happy to provide you with the information you require or you can complete the form below.

Individual Membership Form 2020