2018 Celtic Challenge

UPDATE – 06/09/17: It has been agreed by the participating Associations that from 2018 teams comprising 4 players can take part in the Celtic Challenge. Therefore, the 2018 Qualifier will allow teams of 4 to enter.

The Executive has been informed by the Irish Petanque Association (IPA) that the 2018 Celtic Challenge will be hosted at Bushy Park, Dublin.

The IPA is now working hard to identify the hotel and the venue for the closing dinner  The IPA will advise us as soon as they can of all the costs.

Please note, that the three associations have all agreed that from 2018 all managers and players taking part, will contribute a fixed amount of 25.00 euros per person for those who wish to attend the closing dinner.

The executive is currently waiting on confirmation that a four person team is allowed for 2018. However, at this point in time if you are intending to enter a team in the qualifier, please only enter a three person team.

The 2018 Celtic Challenge Qualifier will be held on Sunday 1st October 2017, the venue is yet to be confirmed.

To date there is only one team currently entered, four teams will qualify to represent Wales in Ireland in 2018.

Club Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
Caerleon RFC PC Alison Gregory Richard Harris Paul Gregory