Home Nations Qualifiers – Final results

Today saw the second day of qualifiers for the teams hoping to represent Wales at the Home Nations which as we are all aware is being held in Wales this year and the competition for places was always going to be stiff.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teams that took part, it was great to see new players coming forward and entering for their first time, I really hope you enjoyed the experience. It is a great opportunity to gain experience playing against people you may not have met or played against before and hopefully you will have formed new bonds.

Again well done to everyone that took part and let’s look forward to a successful Home Nations this year. So with no further delay, here is the bit you all want to see. . . . . The results.



PS an extra special thanks to Kon who has been busy running qualifying events all weekend but has still got these out for us tonight.

Home Nations Qualifier (Grand Prix1) results

Apologies for the delay in posting these but as you may well be aware there were issues with the website Sunday and yesterday (Bob Pugh sent an email to advise everyone yesterday and included the results).

Normal service has resumed and here are the results.















The second round will be held again at Monkstone PC next Sunday, good luck to all taking part.

Matching team shirts at Home Nations GP qualifiers and future WPA competitions

Previous posts have mentioned it and everyone should be aware that all teams entered into a WPA qualifying event or WPA competition must wear matching tops, something that isn’t always easy if the team members are from different clubs.

As we are all aware, we now have the new Welsh shirts for “International” competitions (Celtic Challenge and Home Nations included) and these now supersede all earlier versions.  As a result, the Exec. has agreed that players may play in the older style WPA shirts which will hopefully assist you in arranging matching shirts.

If team members have the earlier style Welsh shirts it will save them the cost/trouble of getting matching shirts and the dreaded £10 fine for not wearing matching tops can be avoided.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Home Nations GP Qualifier

The first of the Home Nations qualifiers is being held at Monkstone PC this coming Sunday, below are the entries so far. We currently have 11 teams and as we all know, an even number works far better.

There is still time to put a team in as you have until Friday 10th May, if you want to put a team in can you please email Kon with the details:-

dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk

Celtic Challenge 2019 – latest news

Celtic Challenge WPA website page.

The Celtic Challenge website page has been updated to reflect this years competition that was held over the weekend of 4th/5th of May at Pontyclun PC.

The full results are there along with a selection of photographs taken over the weekend.

The page can be found in the dropdown menu under Competitions.

Celtic Challenge 2019 – Some thoughts from the President

So, another Celtic Challenge comes to a close.

The weather was kind, the pistes were challenging, the play was mostly of a very high standard (not necessarily my own and notwithstanding a few unlucky kicks and bounces off the stones) and the craic was great.

I’ve heard lots of talk about the Celtic Challenge and the spirit in which it’s played. This year’s event being my first one, I didn’t have any first-hand experience of it, but now I have, I fully understand. I “get-it”.

The Executive Committee and members of Pontyclun Petanque Club can hold their heads up high and be rightly proud of their efforts (having been involved with the organising of the 2010 competition in Wenvoe, I know only too well what’s involved) so my personal thanks and congratulations to the whole Club. I know it was a team-effort, putting up banners, helping visitors around the site, taxiing people, running the raffle and all the other “stuff” that goes on unseen, but a special mention must go to Derek & Marie Jones and Graham Attfield for all their hard work.

It was also fantastic to see the support the Petanque Club received from the Committee and members of Pontyclun Rugby Club and the surrounding community. From the playing of the National Anthems at the start (that could become a regular feature, maybe?) to manning the bar last night while the music and singing continued, they’ve been 100% behind this project from the outset, and the event’s success is due in no small part to that support and the pride in the local community shown by the people of Pontyclun, not least illustrated by Margaret and Paul Griffiths for opening the proceedings on Saturday morning.

A special thanks must go to Bob Parker for giving up his weekend to umpire the event. Thankfully he didn’t have too much to do, and to Kath and Graham Attfield for hosting him..

At last night’s excellent Gala Dinner, it was a pleasure to present awards to the Top Team from each Country:

Ireland 1: Jacques Di Pizzo, Mstaslav Cozloukov & Vincent Belingard
Wales B 4: Peter Westall, Lenny Fields, Jeremy Clare
Wales A 3: Derek Jones, Jean-Yves Robic, Ian Bailey, Julie Bailey
Scotland 1: Derek Adams, Robbie Stronach and Shirley Legge

Congratulations to Scotland 1 for also being the Top Team overall – unbeaten on 12 wins.

And finally, congratulations to Scotland on retaining the trophy for the 6th consecutive year – an incredible achievement.

So that’s it for 2019 – onwards to 2020 and it will be Scotland’s turn to host.

We look forward to meeting everyone again, and hopefully bringing the trophy back home to Wales.

Celtic Challenge 2019


Today saw the start of the 2019 Celtic Challenge.

It opened with welcoming words from Cllr. Margret Griffiths, Rhondda Cynon Taff and her husband Cllr. Paul Griffiths, leader of Pontyclun Community Council, these were then followed by welcoming speeches from Bob Pugh, president of the WPA, Heads of delegations for Ireland and Scotland along with Gareth Jackson, President of the hosting club (Pontyclun PC) and Bob Parker from the English Pétanque Association, our guest umpire.

The competition started and all teams were up to the challenge, Wales A had to play their first games against Wales B which was a tough fought battle with Wales A finishing 8 – 4 ahead at the lunch break.

Similarly, Scotland were showing Ireland no quarter in their early rounds and they too finished 8 – 4 up at the break but Wales A were ahead on points.

The afternoon session started with Wales B taking games off Wales A, Scotland continued their strong play and by the close of play had held their nerve and continued to take games from all angles including those against the home nation.

The day finished at:-

Scotland – 15

Wales A – 13

Wales B – 13

Ireland – 7

Tomorrow brings a new day and more great games, there were a few nail biters there today and I am sure there will be many more tomorrow.

There will be more pics posted soon, don’t forget to watch out on the WPA facebook page for the games that are being live streamed.

2019 Welsh International Squad Assessment


Welsh International Squad Assessment



 European Championships Veterans Triples Bulgaria 16th– 18thSept 2019


          European Championships Men’s Triples Bulgaria 19th– 22ndSept 2019


      World Championships Women’s Phnom Penh Cambodia 17th– 24thNov 2019 



The Playing format and Rules for these assessments can be found by following this link.

2019 National Representation Policy


All players intending to take part, please email your entry to

dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk



Payment can be made on the day

Closing date is Thursday 16th May 2019


Entry Fee is £7 per Player



Assessment Days will be on

Sat 18thMay – Caerleon PC (Preliminary Round)
depending on entry (you will be informed a time slot).

Sun 2ndJune TBC

Sat 8thJune TBC

Sun 9thJune TBC

Welsh National Veteran’s Triples Championship 2019 – results

Last Sunday the Welsh National Veteran’s Triples Championship was held at Monkstone PC and as can be seen from the results below it was a tough contest.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather following the visit from Storm Hannah on Saturday, it was actually a pleasant day.

The first semi-final saw a very close fought game with Linda Hutchinson/Jim Hutchinson/Pat Davis eventually winning 13-12 against Peter Westal /Len Field/Terry Lloyd.

The other semi-final was between Roger Green/Gill Clarke/Phil Roberts and Barbara Vaughan/Bob Pugh/Kon Tomczyk which saw Barbara, Bob and Kon clinch that with a 13-6 win.

This then brought us to the final which was between Linda Hutchinson/Jim Hutchinson/Pat Davis and Vaughan/Bob Pugh/Kon Tomczyk. This was another closely contested game with some excellent pointing on both sides but slightly stronger team of Barbara, Bob and Kon eventually won 13-8.

Both teams will be going on to represent Wales in the Nations Cup Veteran’s Triples International Invitation which is being held at Monkstone PC over the weekend of 29/30th  June.

Thanks to all the teams that took part in this making it a successful event and a special thank you to Monkstone PC for hosting it.

This is the second time we have seen El Presidente Pugh qualify to represent Wales this year, he also came second in the President’s Cup. . . . . . Folks, it’s time we pulled our fingers out and done something about this streak . . . lol.



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