2022 International Representation

Invitation to enter.

The following International events are now scheduled for 2022:

  • May 12-15: WC Singles, Doubles & Mixed (Karlslunde, Denmark)
  • June 3-5: EC Triples Women (Torrelavega, Spain)
  • July 13-17: EC Singles, Doubles & Mixed (’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)

The WPA would like to send teams to each of these competitions. These will be chosen by an individual qualification process, as we have done in the past and detailed in the National Representation Qualification Policy (Version 3.0, February 2022), which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

National Representation Qualification Policy

This will hopefully allow us to pull together Men’s and Women’s squads and give them plenty of time to train and play together throughout the early part of the 2022 season.

In addition, it gives the teams time to look at ways of raising money for the cost of these trips.

Any eligible members who wish to qualify in one or more of the championships listed above, please email me specifying which event(s) you are interested in by Tuesday, 1st March.

The proposed dates of the assessments have been published on the provisional WPA calendar but may be subject to changes.

The WPA has received preliminary information and costs for the WC and EC Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles and can be accessed using the links below:

World Championships – Denmark

European Championships – Netherlands

Jean-Yves Robic
National Coach

World Championship Triples: Men

This week the Welsh Squad will travel to Santa Susanna, Barcelona, to represent Wales in the Petanque World Championships Triples between 19th and 21st November.

The Welsh Squad is:
Kon Tomczyk (Caerleon RFC PC), Ian Bailey (SWBRC), Roger Green (Monkstone PC) and Len Field (SWBRC).

Coach and Head of Delegation: Jean-Yves Robic.

We are sure our members, together with the Executive, wish the Squad the best of luck in their encounters with the best teams from around the world coming together in Spain.

The event is being televised live by LaLiga Sports TV and can be accessed online or by downloading their app to your smartphone.

Tony Smith


A big thank you to all the players who turned out over last weekend to compete for a place to represent Wales at the 2022 Celtic Challenge, being held in Scotland.

Thanks also to Monkstone PC for hosting the event over both days.

It’s fair to say the conditions all weekend was “challenging” – reminiscent of the 2019 Home Nations, held at the same venue.

The pistes needed draining several times throughout the weekend. Still, we managed to get all games played (using a slight change to the original format, brought about because of the weather forecast, which meant a halving of the games played on Saturday).


Congratulations to the four teams who qualified:

Wales Celtic Challenge 2022 Squad

The final ranking for all ten teams is here:

Wales Celtic Challenge 2022 Qualifier – Final Ranking


Welsh Petanque Association victory at PE Inter-Regionals

After a nail-biting last round, the Welsh PA team emerged as Champions of the Challenge Division 2, with 29 wins to Anglia’s 28.

Congratulations to Wales 4 (Gemma Foster, Tansy Mayfield, Barbara Vaughan & Kon Tomczyk) on winning the Top Team award with 9 wins.

(More details to follow)

The WPA would like to thank Petanque England for an excellent competition, held in a great new venue.

2021 European Championships

The CEP Board of Directors met on Saturday 10th July to discuss the current situation concerning Covid-19 in Europe with respect to the scheduled European Championships.  Due to the ongoing uncertainty and concern about the “Delta variant” of Covid-19, as well as the logistical challenges with differing quarantine and health regulations across Europe, the Board of Directors took the difficult decision to cancel the EC Triples: Veterans, EC Triples: Men and EC Triples Espoirs and Juniors.

The full text of the correspondence received is detailed below:

Click on the image to view the letter in detail.

You will see that a decision concerning the European Cup for Clubs, which is scheduled for early December will be announced soon.  As soon as we receive confirmation of the CEP’s decision we will inform you.

The executive appreciates the disappointment that the players who qualified to represent Wales feel, but the opportunity to play for Wales in the future has not gone away. The aim now to prepare for 2022.

The Executive will now review the playing calendar as additional dates have now become available.

Tony Smith

2021 International Representation

We would like to thank all the members who entered the qualification process at the end of 2020, which was finally completed at the beginning of June 2021.

Originally, the qualification process was to identify the team to represent Wales at the World and European Championships 2020; however, due to the pandemic, all the major championships were cancelled or postponed and therefore the emphasis changed to identify the teams for 2021.

The qualification process was organised and overseen by the coaching team to ensure consistency.

The process comprised two rounds of pointing and shooting exercises to establish the players’ technical ability and was completed by an assessment in a game situation. The final results are tabulated below.

Data table showing final ranking of the players taking part.

The top five players, highlighted green have qualified to represent Wales in the forthcoming European Triples Championships for Veterans and Men (yet to be confirmed by the CEP) at Albertville, France in September, two reserve players have been highlighted in amber.

The Executive would like to congratulate the following members for qualifying to represent Wales at the following championships:

Name of the players selected for the EC triples: Veterans and EC Triples: Men

Tony Smith

World Championship Triples: Women

In the past few days, we have received confirmation from the Petanque Association of Thailand, the host for the 18th Junior and Women World Petanque Championships, that the spread of the Coronavirus has forced them to postpone the championships. The Association hope to be able to host the championships at a later date. 

We also received a communication from the President of the FIPJP outlining their commitment to having the championships at a later date, but also for the twice cancelled Men’s World Championship that was to be held in Switzerland (2020/2021); all we can do is wait to see what evolves.

Finally, something closer to home, as we are aware here in Wales, the movement from Alert level 2 to Alert Level 1 continues with a further reduction in restrictions for organised outdoor activities; what this means is that clubs can now exceed the previously stated maximum number of 50 people. However, clubs should undertake a risk assessment to establish their maximum capacity based upon their facilities.

It is still a requirement for Clubs to Track and Trace members attending and ensure Social Distancing is maintained during play. We are currently revising our guidance for Clubs and Players, and they will be published soon.

Finally, Clubs will shortly be asked if they are interested in participating in the Welsh Cup for Clubs. This is a competition between affiliated clubs to find the best club in Wales; please consider taking part, you never know.

Best wishes.


Celtic Challenge Cancelled.

At a meeting of the 3 Nations’ Presidents, the decision was reluctantly taken to cancel the Celtic Challenge for 2021.

The ongoing uncertainty around play and travel arrangements has made any organisation impractical.

It is planned to hold the competition over the usual May Bank Holiday weekend on 2022 in Glasgow, as originally planned.

As a result of this decision, a new qualifier will be held for the 2022 competition. Details will announced as soon as possible.

We will, of course, keep you informed of any further announcements concerning the Championships.

Tony Smith

World Championships Cancelled.

To read the announcement by the FIPJP, click on the image above.

The FIPJP has confirmed that due to the continued situation with Covid-19 in mainland Europe, the World Championship: Triples for Men, which was to be held in Prilly-Lausanne, Switzerland, in July and postponed from 2020, has been cancelled.

This must be extremely disappointing for our friends in Switzerland who have worked tirelessly to host the Championships for the past 3 years. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of the virus and the restrictions placed upon organisations, the FIPJP, together with the hosts, decided that the potential quarantine conditions for teams arriving in Switzerland and on return to their country, as well as the constraints that would have to be imposed at the site were also considered too problematic.

Following up on the announcement from the FIPJP,  The European Petanque Confederation (CEP) has stated that they “…continue to monitor the pandemic situation across Europe and remain hopeful that each of our championships will go ahead as planned; however, a final decision [by the CEP] on this year’s championships will be made in early July”.

We will, of course, keep you informed of any announcements concerning the European Championships.

Tony Smith

WPA Assessments: WC & EC: Men & EC Veterans: Women & Men, Round 1 – Report

A Cold and Wet Day for the opening round of Assessments 

The morning (in particular) weather didn’t help the competitors in the first round of the Qualifying Assessments for the 2021 World Championships (Triples: Men), European Championships (Triples: Men) and European Championships for Veterans (Triples: Women & Men).

I need to begin with thanking the Monkstone PC for giving over their pistes for the day to allow us to safely spread out and run the three individual Assessments, as well as a distanced area for playing/warming up (a term I use lightly, given the weather).

I must also thank the people who marked each event – Jean-Yves Robic, Tony Smith and, especially, Lyn Babbage who stepped in at the last minute to help out after I had to pull-out due to illness.

There had been a lot of discussion among the Executive Committee and with the National Coach prior to the event taking place – firstly around whether it should have gone ahead at all. We always knew it would be a risk, starting such an important process in nearly December, and we have 2 further weekends for scheduled into the 2021 Draft Playing Calendar for more rounds for these events, as well as a separate event for the World Championships (Triples: Women). In addition, this is partly driven by the closing date for entries to the World Championships. Based on our experience earlier this year, the organisers will need full details of the team by early Spring.

Given this likely requirement, along with the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus restrictions in Wales, we decided it would be useful to get at least one round “in the bag” while we had a window of opportunity.

We added a second day to the Playing Calendar in case we needed that extra time, depending on the number of players who entered, but as it turned out, only the Saturday was needed.

With a slight evolution of the process, we used in 2019, the original plan for the day involved a number of timed triples matches between teams made up of the players not undergoing their individual assessments and taking place simultaneously with those. The plan was for these games to be observed and each player marked using the same process as our coaches follow at international events. Unfortunately, the lack of people available to undertake this observation & marking meant this element had to be removed from the event.

All the players who took part have been asked for their feedback on the event. I am grateful for the replies received so far and hope the people who haven’t responded yet, will be able to do so. All suggestions/thoughts/views will be considered before the next rounds.

The Standings at the end of Round 1 can be seen below. Each player’s individual detailed scoring will be emailed directly to them by the National Coach.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, and a big thank you again to Monkstone PC and the volunteer markers.

Let’s hope the following rounds take place in kinder conditions.


WPA Assessments Round 1 Standings


Bob Pugh
WPA National President

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