Sad News

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Sad News

We have to inform the membership of the passing of one of our members Bill Lake, from the Monmouth PC who has passed away suddenly.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the family at this difficult time.


A message from Monkstone PC President Mike Jones

So sad to hear of the passing of Bernard Bradshaw.

Bernard was a ‘ life member’ at the Monkstone Petanque Club, and , in his late 80’s, could still throw a consistent ‘ point ‘ when he visited. Bernard was an important influence in my early years of playing Petanque . One of my first league games ( going back to the 1990’s ) was with Bernard.  For many years, Bernard was part of a formidable team of myself, Barney, Roger and John Chich. Bernard was easygoing, supportive and always helpful as we learned the game.

On behalf of myself and all Monkstone Petanque Club members who enjoyed his company, I send our condolences.  Our thoughts are with Phil and family at this difficult time.

Mike Jones.  ( President, Monkstone Petanque Club.)


WPA 2018 Award Winners

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WPA 2018 Award Winners

Award winners will be presented with their trophies at the presentation evening, 4th January 2019 at Monkstone PC (Pen y Lan) starting at 7.30pm


1 Presidents Cup Runners Up B WHITE – S HERBERT – C SWEET
2 Presidents Cup Winners J BRACE – J MORGAN – S BRACE 
3 National Veteran’s  Runner Up M JACQUES – D CANNON – K ASTON 
4 National Veteran’s Winners V ADSHEAD – R GRIFFIN – T SMITH – B ADSHEAD
5 National Shooting Men’s Runner Up WILL THOMAS
6 National Shooting Men’s Winner K TOMCZYK – P WESTALL
7 National Men’s Triples Runner Up  L FIELD – J CLARE – P WESTALL 
8 National Men’s Triples Winner  L ELLAR – H ELLAR – M CLARE 
9 National Mixed Doubles Runner Up G FOSTER – P WESTALL
10 National Mixed Doubles Winners B VAUGHAN – K TOMCZYK
11 National Doubles Men’s Runner Up L FIELD – J CLARE 
12 National Doubles Men’s Winners K TOMCZYK – P WESTALL
13 National Singles Ladies Runner Up T MAYFIELD 
14 National Singles Ladies Winner  G FOSTER
15 National Singles Men’s Runner Up  J CLARE 
16 National Singles Men’s Winner M HOWELLS 
17 WPA 3rd Division Runner Up PONTYCLUN CUBS
18 WPA 3rd Division Winner  CWINS 
19 WPA 2nd Division Runner Up MONKSTONE INN UN
20 WPA 2nd Division Winner  MAESTEG 
21 WPA 1st Division Runner Up WENVOE WARRIORS
22 WPA 1st Division Winners ISCA ROMANS 
23 National League Plate  Runners Up MONKSTONE MYSTICS
24 National League Plate Winners  WENVOE DRAGONS 
25 National League Cup Runners Up MONKSTONE MINOTAURS
26 National  League Cup Winners  ISCA ROMANS 
27 National Welsh Club Cup  CAERLEON R.F.C.PC
28 Most Improved Young Player Of The Year To Be Announced On Presentation Night 
29 Most Improved Player Of The Year To Be Announced On Presentation Night 
30 Player Of The Year To Be Announced On Presentation Night 

WPA AGM Notification

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The WPA AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Friday the 11th January 2019 at The Monkstone Petanque Club, c/o The Penylan Club, Marlborough Road, Pen-Y-Lan, Cardiff, CF23 5BU.

The Elected Officer posts becoming vacant are:

1     National President – Two year tenure

2     National Treasurer – Two year tenure

3     Director of Public Relations – Two year tenure

These positions are currently vacant or the incumbent is not re-standing.

Those entitled and wishing to put proposals to the AGM shall submit their motions and nominations for office to the National Secretary using the appropriate forms.

Information and documentation relating to the AGM can be found under the heading Documentation / Procedures / AGM 2019 on the website


2019 World Championships – Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles – Qualifying

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2019 Championships – Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles – Qualifying

If your interested in taking part in the qualifying process for this event, please indicate by emailing: dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk

The closing date for showing your interest is 11 Nov 2018. Dates and venues for qualifying will then be issued based on the number of entrants.

Registering an interest does not mean you have to attend the qualifying event.

The Championship event is on 02-05 May 2019 in  (El Ejido, Almería, SPAIN). (Note: this is the same date as the Celtic Challenge 2019)

Cup for Clubs – winners

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Cup for Clubs – Winners

Last week saw the first round of the cup for clubs, Pontyclun v Penarth and Pontyclun v Monkstone played in glorious sunshine at Creigiau PC.

The morning match which saw Pontyclun take on Penarth in the 1st round, After a closely fought battle in 6 singles games Pontyclun had gained a small advantage by winning 4 games to 2 and with each singles game being awarded 2 match points this gave a lead of 8-4 to Pontyclun and left everything to play for. The 2nd round of 3 doubles games saw Pontyclun make a charge winning all 3 games and with each doubles game being worth 3 match points take an unassailable lead 17-4. The 3rd round of 2 triples matches saw both teams in another close battle, eventually the round was drawn 1-1 and with 5 points for each game the final result saw victory for Pontyclun with 22 points and Penarth with 9.

The afternoon match which saw Pontyclun take on Monkstone in the 2nd round, Again a very close battle between the teams with Monkstone leading with 4 wins to 2 and gaining a 8-4 points lead after the singles. The 2nd round of doubles games saw Pontyclun clawing back the deficit by winning 2 of the 3 doubles games but still trailed 11-10. The 3rd round of games saw both teams battling hard but with Monkstone only needing a draw for overall victory, Pontyclun were always going to find it hard to win both triples. With each team winning 1 of the final triples games it was over for Pontyclun. Monkstone eventually gaining the victory 16 points to15.

Round 3, Penarth v Monkstone and with a new week saw new weather, heavy rain replacing sunshine. Everything to play for, if Monkstone win, they win. If Penarth win with a big margin of 15 points they win and if they win by less Pontyclun win. The singles again saw both teams tied with 3 wins and 6 points each. The doubles matches were again very close with 2 of the 3 games going to 12 points, but Monkstone winning 2 of the 3 games they took the advantage and with both of the final triple games also going to Monkstone it was all over, Monkstone taking victory 22 points to 9.

A big thank you to the members of Creigiau PC for hosting the event and for the use of their facilities.

Congratulations to Monkstone PC on their win. Monkstone will now be invited to participate in the 2019 Euro Cup.

Wales Women’s Triples Squad head to France in New Kit

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Wales Women's Triples Squad 2018. Barbara Vaughan, Gemma Foster, Tansy Mayfield and Jayne Dunn
Wales Women’s Triples Squad 2018

The Wales squad have been given a fantastic boost as they depart Welsh shores for France this week for the 2018 European Triples (Women) Championship.

The team consisting of Caerleon Petanque Club’s trio; Barbara Vaughan, Gemma Foster and Tansy Mayfield as well as Monkstone Petanque Club’s Jayne Dunn travelled to the seaside resort of Palavas les Flots, some 6km south of Montpellier for the biennial event on Wednesday. And the team will certainly look the part when play starts on Thursday, in their brand-new Welsh kit

The Welsh Petanque Association and the squad are extremely grateful for Wenvoe Petanque Club member Ken Aston who has pulled the strings to provide sponsorship for the Ladies’ new kit.

The new sponsor ‘Catch and Despatch Delivery Services’ are based in Barry and Ken boasts over 30 years’ experience as an HGV driver.

With a modern and reliable fleet of courier vehicles, Catch and Despatch Delivery Services’ travel all around the UK and offer a personal service, delivering items on a same day basis, seven days a week, 24 hours a day including bank holidays.

For more information on the company and to book your delivery, contact Ken at the following email – info [at] catchanddespatch [dot] co [dot] uk.

Under the watchful eye of National Shooting Champion and coach Kon Tomczyk, the Welsh team will compete in the qualifications and repechages for the precision shooting event on Thursday. The Championship commences on Friday morning at 08:30 (07:30 BST) and continues through the Sunday evening.

The event will be streamed here and the WPA Website will aim to keep you up to date over the coming days.

There are 33 teams competing in the Championships, all hoping to claim the Title, which was won two years ago by the current hosts France, in Bratislava.

Good Luck to Barbara, Gemma, Jayne and Tansy over the coming days.

Good Luck – Wales Ladies Team

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Today our ladies team travel to the Women’s European Championships in Palavas Les Flots, France.

Good luck to our team: Jayne Dunn, Gemma Foster, Tansy Mayfield and Barbara Vaughan

We wish them well in the Championship. Play well and enjoy.

Isca Romans take the Cup

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The WPA League Cup and Plate finals took on Sunday 23 September 2018 at Creigiau PC on a dry mainly sunny day despite all the forecasts of a very wet morning. Maesteg, Monkstone Minotaurs, Isca Romans & Penarth Pendragons were contesting the Cup semi-finals whilst in the Plate, 2 teams had withdrawn leaving Wenvoe Dragons and Monkstone Mystics to contest the final.

In the semi-finals of the Cup competition the Minotaurs were drawn against Maesteg and had a bad start when Kensett and Adshead (B) were fannied by Clare & Field. It seemed the Minotaurs pair didn’t realise the game had started. Fortunately the other pair, Maroney (J) and Adshead (V), kept the Minotaurs in the tie with a 13-2 win against Edwards & Stevenson so at the changeover the deficit was only 2 points. Kensett & Adshead bucked their ideas up in the second game and ran out 13-6 winners against Edwards & Stevenson leaving Maroney & Adshead needing 9 points against Clare & Field to secure a Minotaurs win. From the start of the game Maesteg always had their noses in front and at 12-6 things weren’t looking good for the Minotaurs. Both sides were aware of the situation but Maroney & Adshead proved to have the stronger nerves taking 2 points on the next end. This left the scores exactly level but when they took another point on the next end, the Minotaurs were home and dry. The game finally ended in a Maesteg win by 13-10 for a 2-2 draw but the Minotaurs had won 36-34 on countback. This result seemed most unlikely after the opening game.

In the other semi-final Isca Romans got of to a flying start against Penarth Pendragons with a fanny by Mayfield (T) & Tomczyk and ran out comfortable 3-1 winners with a points score of 50-29.

The Plate competition was disappointing in, that with only 2 teams, it left Monkstone Mystics to go directly into the Final against Wenvoe Dragons. The First Division team with pairs Cannan & Jellings and Westall & Coleman proved too strong for the Mystics pairs of Clarke & Baildon-Smith and Dunn & Smith (J) and ran out winners by 3-1 and 47-25.

The line-up for the Final

Adshead B&V, Mayfield, Foster, Gregory, Tomczyk, Kensett & Maroney

After lunch there was only the Cup Final to contest between the Minotaurs and Isca Romans to whom the Minotaurs had suffered two 4-0 defeats in the League. The Minotaurs left themselves with a mountain to climb when Kensett & Adshead and Maroney & Adshead both went down 2-13 to Mayfied & Tomczyk and Foster & Gregory (P) respectively. Team captain Adshead (B) tried to rally his team by reminding them that they could still win with two fannies! This battle cry obviously had some effect as Kensett & Adshead ran out easy winners by 13-4 against Foster & Gregory followed by Maroney & Adshead having a comfortable 13-6 win against Mayfied & Tomczyk. Unfortunately for the Minotaurs, despite the 2-2 draw, is was not quite enough with Isca Romans winning 36-30 on countback. At least the Minotaurs had salvaged some pride after the opening 2 games.

The Winning Isca Romans Team

Congratulations to Isca Romans on their deserved win and a big thank-you to Harry Drake and all the members of Creigiau PC who worked hard to host the day and make it a great success.

WPA OGM reminder

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A WPA OGM is being held at Caerleon RFC this Monday the 24th September starting at 7.30pm.

All members welcome


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