Last Chance to Register for EPA Inter-Regional Qualifiers

Action from Hayling Island 2017
Action from Hayling Island 2017

The EPA Inter-Regional Championship Qualifiers will take place on Sunday at Caerleon Petanque Club. There are currently six teams registered. Additional entries are welcome and must be confirmed to the Director of Development, Kon Tomczyk. Please email your entry to: dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk

The Top Eight Teams will be expected to represent the WPA in the EPA Inter- Regional Championships at Hayling Island on 15th & 16th of September 2018.

Payment can be made on the day. Entry Fee is £7 per Player (3 or 4 person teams)

Registration is 9.00 – 9.30

Inter Regional Qualifiers Sunday, 20 May 2018. Caerleon Petanque Club
Team Name  Players
Wheat – a -Bix C Sweet, B White , A Evans
Tuff to Beat K Tomczyk,B Vaughan, T Mayfield, G Foster
Glass Blowers W Wilkinson,D Bevan,R Williams, I Wheeler
Brecon J Page, G Smart, AJ, T Griffiths
The Cohort Squad Tania Howard / Sue Foster / Jan Price
Gregorys P Gregory / A Gregory / R Harris
Waiting for confirmation L Field, J Clare , K Edwards
Waiting for confirmation J Attfield , K Attfield

League Results & Tables

Due to a technical problem and the failure by some teams to submit their results the League Tables will not be updated this week. It is hoped to resolve the problem quickly and update the tables after the results for the games to be played on 16 May 2018 are in.

I shall be writing individually to the team captains who have consistently failed to enter results but you know who you are.

Without your cooperation the League cannot run efficiently.

Vickie Ashead

League Secretary


Celtic Challenge 2018

This bank holiday weekend the Welsh Team travel to Ireland to compete in the 2018 Celtic Challenge. We wish them well in their matches and hope they have a great time with our friend from Scotland and Ireland.

Good Luck Wales

Home Nations update – spaces available

Home Nations update

The Home Nations Qualifier was held on Saturday 28th April at the Monkstone Pc (Pen-y-Lan). Our thanks to the Club for hosting the event and providing a warm welcome.

 The Teams qualified are:

 Wales 1 W Wilkinson, I Wheeler, D Bevan, R Williams

Wales 2 J Barns, K Knott, P Kensett, R Green 

Wales 3 T Mayfield,G Foster,B Vaughan,K Tomczyk

Wales 4 T Smith, V Adshead, B Adshead, R Griffin  

Wales 5 J Page, G Smart, T Giffiths 

Congratulations to the teams who entered and qualified.

There are still places available for teams or individual members to be part the 2018 Home Nations in Jersey. If you want more information or want to register. Please contact Kon at dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk.

2018 EPA Inter – Regional Championship Qualifier

2018 EPA Inter – Regional Championship Qualifier

Is to be held at Caerleon R.F.C.P.C on Sunday 20th May 2018

Closing date for entry is Sunday 13th May 2018

The Top Eight Teams will Be expected to represent the WPA in the EPA Inter- Regional Championships

at Hayling Island on 15th & 16th of September 2018

Please email your entry to: dev [at] welshpetanque [dot] org [dot] uk

Payment can be made on the day

Entry Fee is £7 per Player (3 or 4 person teams)

Registration is 9.00 – 9.30

Nations Veteran Cup 2018

Nations Veteran Cup 2018

Pob lwc i’r ddau yng Nghymru dimau o Monkstone a Gwenfô yn cymryd rhan mewn cwpan cenhedloedd y cyn-filwr yn yr Iseldiroedd y penwythnos hwn.

Good luck to the two Welsh teams from Monkstone and Wenvoe taking part in the Nations Veteran Cup in the Netherlands this weekend.

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