PE Inter-Regional Championship and Challenge Cup

We have received the invitation to Petanque England’s annual Inter-regional Championship and Challenge Cup, in which the WPA has historically competed.

It is being held on 17th-18th September 2022 at Pakefield Holiday Village, off A12 London Road, Pakefield,  NR33 7PF.   The venue this year will return to its former ideal of having players stay on-site to add to the playing experience. 

You can find further details on the Petanque England’s website by clicking on the link:

Please read the published information carefully as all players attending the event must stay on-site and also be aware of the following statement:

It is not possible for individuals to book directly with IOWT or Pakefield. All attendees must pay the accommodation-inclusive fees, even if staying off-site.

To assist us in organising the qualifying event (18/19 June), please can you, in the first instance, complete the simple form below. 

PE Inter-Regional Championship Interest Form
Do you intend to enter the PE Inter-Regional Championship and Challenge Cup Qualifier on 18/19 June?
Will you be a member of an existing team?

2022 International Representation

Invitation to enter.

The following International events are now scheduled for 2022:

  • May 12-15: WC Singles, Doubles & Mixed (Karlslunde, Denmark)
  • June 3-5: EC Triples Women (Torrelavega, Spain)
  • July 13-17: EC Singles, Doubles & Mixed (’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)

The WPA would like to send teams to each of these competitions. These will be chosen by an individual qualification process, as we have done in the past and detailed in the National Representation Qualification Policy (Version 3.0, February 2022), which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

National Representation Qualification Policy

This will hopefully allow us to pull together Men’s and Women’s squads and give them plenty of time to train and play together throughout the early part of the 2022 season.

In addition, it gives the teams time to look at ways of raising money for the cost of these trips.

Any eligible members who wish to qualify in one or more of the championships listed above, please email me specifying which event(s) you are interested in by Tuesday, 1st March.

The proposed dates of the assessments have been published on the provisional WPA calendar but may be subject to changes.

The WPA has received preliminary information and costs for the WC and EC Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles and can be accessed using the links below:

World Championships – Denmark

European Championships – Netherlands

Jean-Yves Robic
National Coach

Result: European Cup for Clubs – Qualification

The qualification competition was to see which club will represent Wales at the 23rd European Cup for Clubs – 2021 at Saint Yrieix, FRANCE, in early December.

The qualification competition was held on Saturday 9th October between Monkstone PC and South Wales Bowls & Recreation Centre Pétanque Section – Sully (formerly Penarth PC).

The first encounter occurred at Sully’s playing area in perfect conditions; the order of play was six singles, three doubles and finally two triples games.

Sully took the lead, winning 5 out of the six singles matches and followed up by winning all the doubles and triples to win the encounter 26 points to 5, which put them in a strong position for the second encounter at Monkstone’s PC.

The order of play was the same. Sully won 4 out of the six single matches; however, Monkstone PC came back and won 2 of the doubles games closing the gap.  To win the encounter, Monkstone PC had to win the final two triples games. 

The triples games were both won by Sully, winning the encounter 21 points to 10 and winning the competition 2/0, allowing the Sully to represent Wales at the finals weekend and 29 other clubs representing their countries from across Europe.

Encounter One – Monkstone PC: Encounter One – Sully:
Sean Smith Ian Bailey
Roger Green Len Field
Roger Griffin Geoff Jones
Tony Smith Jake Caston
Peredur John Scott Murray
Jayne Dunn Ken Agius
Gill Greenwell Julie Bailey
Pat McCarthy
Encounter Two – Monkstone PC: Encounter Two – Sully:
Sean Smith Ian Bailey
Roger Green Len Field
Roger Griffin Geoff Jones
Tony Smith Jake Caston
Tom Mills Scott Murray
Bernard Adshead Ken Agius
Gill Greenwell Julie Bailey
Vicki Adshead Pat McCarthy

Next year the Welsh Cup for Clubs will be on the calendar, and we hope that as many clubs as possible will take part to make this an actual inter-club competition.

WPA Executive.


A big thank you to all the players who turned out over last weekend to compete for a place to represent Wales at the 2022 Celtic Challenge, being held in Scotland.

Thanks also to Monkstone PC for hosting the event over both days.

It’s fair to say the conditions all weekend was “challenging” – reminiscent of the 2019 Home Nations, held at the same venue.

The pistes needed draining several times throughout the weekend. Still, we managed to get all games played (using a slight change to the original format, brought about because of the weather forecast, which meant a halving of the games played on Saturday).


Congratulations to the four teams who qualified:

Wales Celtic Challenge 2022 Squad

The final ranking for all ten teams is here:

Wales Celtic Challenge 2022 Qualifier – Final Ranking