With the latest news from the Welsh Government (WG), and yesterday’s announcement of a further 4 areas of South Wales put into a lockdown state, the WPA EC feels it has no choice but to postpone the National events that were scheduled to be played in the next few weeks.

These were:
National Precision Shooting: Women & Men
National Mixed Doubles
National Singles: Women
National Singles: Men

Although this is regrettable, we hope our members understand that this decision was not taken lightly, but was done-so with everyone’s health, safety and well-being in the forefront of our minds.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we wish to assure our members that, when the circumstances allow we will look to reschedule as many of these events as we are able.

Although the WG advice continues to allow groups of up to 30 to meet outdoors for organised activities (subject to the same guidelines as we have published previously), and we would encourage all members to support their local clubs if they wish to continue to play, we must remind members that travel into or out of a lockdown area is only for essential purposes – and playing sports does not fall into that category.

We also understand that this is a difficult time for Clubs who may be missing out on some income that they rely on from hosting competitions, running open-days, etc.

If Clubs are struggling financially, we would like to remind you that, as we have previously briefed out, Sport Wales has a Be Active Wales Fund that clubs are encouraged to apply to for assistance.

Details can be found here: https://www.sport.wales/beactivewalesfund/



Kind regards
Bob Pugh
National President


We now feel in a position to resume a number of National Competitions.

As a result, we have now published an updated Playing Calendar on the WPA Website.

Earlier this week, we wrote to all Club Contacts asking if they could host any events and at the time of publication we are still awaiting some responses. As a result, all events are currently awaiting confirmation of Venue, so these will be updated as we know them.


Please note that we have added an alternative arrangement for paying Competition Entries to the drop-down list in the on-line entry form. We now have the capability of paying “on the day” by card – either via chip & PIN or (preferably) via Contactless payment (including Apple & Google Pay). This will help us to minimise the amount of cash we need to handle – and with this in mind, we would ask that if you have to pay with cash on the day of the event, please make sure you have the correct money. NO CASH CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN.

The Cut-Off for each Competition will be 7 days before the date of the event. As you will know, this has always been the case, but due to the need to plan the piste-layouts and draw, we need to have the numbers of entries finalised in advance to enable this to happen. I would, therefore, ask you to not delay entering.

You will also see that we have separated most events into Women & Men’s events as this will help us with managing the event under the current COVID regulations. In addition, we have added 2 “qualifying” dates for the Men’s Doubles – this may be reduced to just the Sunday if entries permit.

If these events prove successful, and subject to further changes with the WG COVID Regulations, we hope to add further events in the coming weeks.

We hope you feel comfortable enough to consider entering these events and we look forward to welcoming you back and seeing you on the piste.



Kind regards
Derek Jones
Director of Development

Matching team shirts at Home Nations GP qualifiers and future WPA competitions

Previous posts have mentioned it and everyone should be aware that all teams entered into a WPA qualifying event or WPA competition must wear matching tops, something that isn’t always easy if the team members are from different clubs.

As we are all aware, we now have the new Welsh shirts for “International” competitions (Celtic Challenge and Home Nations included) and these now supersede all earlier versions.  As a result, the Exec. has agreed that players may play in the older style WPA shirts which will hopefully assist you in arranging matching shirts.

If team members have the earlier style Welsh shirts it will save them the cost/trouble of getting matching shirts and the dreaded £10 fine for not wearing matching tops can be avoided.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.



WPA 2019 League

The Exec. would like to pass on their thanks to a member of the WPA that works very hard behind the scenes and without her there would be no league.

As many of you will have noticed, Vickie has posted an update on this year’s league and we are sure there will be many more to come.

Thank you Vickie, your hard work does not go un-noticed.

We would also like to ask all teams to send the results from every league match to Vickie on the evening of your match, this is not a great ask with modern communications and will assist her greatly.

Thanks in advance.


National Triples Championships

This weekend sees the National Triples taking place for both the Men and Women at the Monkstone PC.  The entry date has been extended twice for this competition and will close on Thursday at mid-night.

To date the following teams have entered the Men’s National Triples:

Club AKA Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Wheatsheaf PC/Caerleon RFC PC Pilcs Romans Hugh Morris Mathew Morris Ian Wheeler  
Cardiff Bay BC/Wheatsheaf PC/Abergavenny PC BAD Dan Murphy Basil White Andrew Pook  
Monkstone PC Monkstone Meteors Roger Griffin Mike Jones Bernard Adshead Peredur John
Caerleon RFC PC/Wenvoe PC Are we 64? (Yes) Kon Tomczyk Jake Caston Peter Westall  
Monkstone Inn PC/Monkstone PC Cardiff East Phil Bradshaw Ian Bailey Nai Kongchun
Monkstone PC Monkstone Marvels Mike Wigg Peter Kensett Peter David Alec McSkimming
Pontyclun PC/Wenvoe PC 3 Amigos Jeremy Clare Len Field Ray Hayes
Penarth PC/Pontyclun PC/Monkstone PC JYPT Jean-Yves Robin Peter Beresford Tony Smith


To date the following teams have entered the Women’s National Triples:

Club AKA Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Penarth PC Cejays Celia Scott Jeannette Parker Anne Mealing  
Caerleon RFC PC/Wheatsheaf PC Gwent Girls Tansy Mayfield Gemma Foster Barbara Vaughan  
Monkstone Inn PC/Monskstone PC Monkstone ladies Gay Evans Julie bailey Vickie Adshead Rose Fiera
Caerleon RFC PC/Wheatsheaf PC The Nomads Pat Daviss Lian Jones  Gail Brooksbank  
Penarth PC The VIPS Valerie Falconer Pat McCarthy Simone Ballett  

The Women’s competition will follow a double Round-Robin format for entries less than 8 teams.

Message from the President

Our first Members Meeting of this year, following the spate of meetings at the end of last year and the AGM in March was recently held at the Wenvoe Arms, home of the Wenvoe Pétanque Club. The numbers attending were on the low side, but not unexpected at this time of the year.

There was a lively and quite extensive discussion of topical playing issues, which gave the Executive Committee (EC) a chance to listen to and respond to Members’ views and comments on several of the recent WPA competitions. It was all very useful material for the EC to consider, especially as they preparation the calendar and planning for next season.

Among the issues which came up was funding for clubs, and in particular for clothing and equipment, and Tony Smith, the Treasurer, was keen to give out useful information on sources of funding. He repeated that EC members are more than happy to assist clubs in preparing funding applications to appropriate bodies – which can help clubs pay for things like team shirts, sets of boule for beginners, practice equipment, and to cover the cost of attending coaching courses.

We discussed in some detail the latest news on Tony’s on-going efforts to clarify our insurance cover, and we agreed to report back on further work we are doing with the insurers to try to maximise or improve the cover for our players and clubs. A number of important questions were asked by Members and we will be doing our best to get the answers!

We talked about the need to create proper training and playing facilities, and I have produced a separate message about that under the heading “Development Fund”.

We also had a lively discussion about how the WPA invites teams to play in international tournaments. The detail is already set out and published in the Rules of Entry, which were updated at the start of this season, with the help of some of our most experienced “international” players.

Following that discussion, the EC has been considering the further work it needs to do to clarify and publicise information about this, and related subjects, and further policy guidelines will be published shortly.

A number of concerns were raised about this season’s competitions, and the EC will be constantly reviewing how events go to see what needs to be improved on for later events and for next season.

One decision which has been made is to try to organise events where possible without “byes”, and from this meeting onwards entries will be monitored more closely so that the “cut off” will be applied when the last even numbered team enters, with later entering teams going onto a standby list, and being invited to play if an earlier registered team drops out.

If teams enter using the electronic application form their entry time is automatically generated, and so teams enter in a known date/ time order. It is important for teams to ensure that their electronic entry is correctly submitted – and acknowledged! If in doubt, contact Jean-Yves or Tony as soon as possible.

Jean-Yves asked for nominations for the appointments of National Coach, National Umpire, Medical Officer and Child Protection Officer. Please contact the Exec if you are interested in applying.

Please also contact the EC if you are in a team due to play in the Home Nations or Inter Regional but have to withdraw, so that reserve players can be invited to attend.

The meeting covered a lot of other topics, but I hope this gives you some news. There is a lot going on in the background to further our sport. Come to the next General Meeting to hear more!

Dan Murphy