National Triples: Men & Women

This Sunday (12th), the National Triples Championship for Men & Women. Currently, the following teams have registered for the two events to be held at Caerleon PC.


Bernard Adshead Roger Griffin Peredur John  
Kon Tomczyk Derek Jones Stuart Spencer  
Jean-Yves Robic Ian Bailey Nai Kongchung Team Withdrawn
Jake Caston Len Field Matthew Howells Team Withdrawn
Scott Murray Ken Angus Geoff Jones  

We require three more men’s teams to achieve the required number of entries.


Valerie Falconer Gail Brooksbank Linda Hutchinson
Jayne Dunn Rose Fiera Gill Greenwell Vickie Adshead

We require six more women’s teams to achieve the required number of entries.

We are sure that several more members are thinking about taking part, take the plunge, and registering.

Online entries can be made by clicking here.

WPA Executive.