NC Singles: Mixed

Competition Information

Registration: 09h00 to 09h30.

Further details will be confirmed as they become available.

Tea/coffee will be available all day for £1.

Please bring your mug/cup.

The following players have entered the National Singles, scheduled for Sunday, 25th June. The Welsh Cup for Clubs is on the horizon, and the first round will be singles. This is a great opportunity to get some singles practice.

Panteg House will be the host for this year’s competition. Those players who have been a member of the WPA from the beginning will remember well the venue for previous championships, league matches and a host of other events. It will be great to be back.

The following players have registered for the event.

Kon Tomczyk
Roger Green
Jean-Yves Robic
Stewart Spencer
Jake Caston
Tony Smith
Sean Smith
Gillian Greenwell
Ken Agius
Scott Murray
Len Field
Richard Harris
Alex Lacey
Darren Hardwicke
Didier Mack
Joe Willams
Alvaro Saget
Geoff Jones

If you haven’t tried playing singles before, why not have a go? It is a way of testing how your skills are developing.

Registration is now closed.

Updated: 24/06/2023