NC Doubles: Men & Women

Date: Sunday 12th May 2024

Venue: Caerleon Pétanque Club

Registration: Sunday 12th May at 09h00 to 09h30

Organiser: WPA Executive

Rules of Play:

  • The Official Rules of the Sport of Pétanque
  • Quailifican rounds: The games will be timed.
  • Elimination Rounds: The games will be untimed.
  • All lanes will be allocated

Number of Teams:           Men – 10, Women – 8.

Play Begins: 10h00 – latest

The following teams have registered to play in the National Doubles this weekend.

NC Doubles: Men NC Doubles: Women
Player 1: Player 2: Player 1: Player 2:
Richard Harris Kon Tomczyk Gillian Clark Amanda Jenkins
Hugh Morris Mathew Morris Gail Brooksbank Linda Hutchinson
Steven Love Cai Jones Sonia Ford Gill Greenwell
Alvaro Pereda Saget Daniel Rawlings Gemma Foster Tansy Mayfield
Darren Hardwicke Joe Williams Kym Jeffrey Cara Bastow
Jean-Yves Robic Len Field Jayne Dunn Barbara Vaughan
Sean Smith Tony Smith Tania Howard Susan Foster
James Fackrell Richard Edwards Beverley Stephens Sheila Jones
Tim Howard Owain George
Roger Green Alex Skibinski